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"Hope" lies dead 4-6 (Explicit Content)

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"Hope" lies dead 4-6 (Explicit Content)

Post  Phatnutsack on 23rd August 2009, 8:49 pm

Part 4
It's been 2 days on the road. Stopping at gas stations. Picked up one survivor. She was beautiful. Her name was Desiree. What a wonderful name. I looked into her face, and forgot what was going on in the world. Her beautiful eyes. Tan skin. Her hair was red and brown. Sort of like that dark red color. I don't remember the name. Her skin was naturally tan, for those who might read this, she was Latin. But she didn't really seem like the straight out Latin girl, it seemed like her personality was different to almost be called white washed.I can't really explain it. "Hi. My name's Desiree." she said shyly. We shook hands. "Uhh...my name is Jake." I felt like I was in High School, stuttering to a cute girl. "Ok people, almost to California. " Atte--ion." A voice came on the radio. We fixed the frequency to hear it better. "Attention all survivors in this area. There is a dock and air port in San Diego which is taking survivors to safety. They will only be there for a week though. And please if there is anyone out their. Help me. I live in the mountains. Safe from the bastards. But I wont last long. Hear are my coordinates. 257 East 89 North." Tom quickly brought out his map and found the coordinates and marked them. "We're close to him." He said as the man on the radio continued. "Please help me, I've got a child with me. She has Survived the bites twice, and she is still not infected." We all looked at the radio in shock. "She wont tell me her name, but she is good company. And I found her in the Streets of L.A. So please help us. Out." "Do you really think it's her?" I asked. "Maybe. But we have to get to them."

We pulled up at an old abandoned shack. The door was ajar. Desiree and Tom waited in the truck. While Jacob, Lyle and I checked the shack. There was a lot old food lying around with mold and maggots on them. "Hello?" Then we heard a cry. We followed it into a dark room. We were acting like those idiots in horror films where one of them run into a dark house for safetey, what idiots. We turned the flashlights on. We saw her, lying down, in blood. But it wasn't hers. It was the man's blood. His body wasnt there though. We should have though smart of this. "It's going to be okay." Jacob seemed really reassuring. She got up and ran into my arms. She was squeezing me and wouldn't budge. And I lead her to Lyle. He then took her to the car. And we watched. He then turned back around. Of course something would happen because I just remembered there was no body. And a sudden force knocked me outside of the shack. Nearly off a small hill. And the same with Jacob.

The man came charging at me. But before I could draw my weapon. He grabbed me, and attempted to bite me. I block the attack with my right hand, and pulled out my knife with the other. I stabbed him repeatedly in the gut like a prison shank and tried to stun him. He let go and fell back in pain I think. Then Jacob got up, and used his axe on his head. Chopping it up like if he was chopping fire wood. After a bit of cleaning and getting ourselves together. We checked the shack for supplies. Jacob grabbed a gasoline can and a bottle of whiskey with some clean rags. I got the first aid kit. And Desiree grabbed some maps of California she found. There was some ammo but not much. I could tell we were nearly out. Now we're prepared. As we Drove to what was the border of Nevada and California, we saw something in the sky.

It almost looked like a jet. But it was heading down. And there was a flash as it crashed. Silence. That's all we heard. Then a powerful force pushed our jeep far across. We flew, nearly flew. It was a nuke.
Part 5 (Finally!)

The explosian made us fly across what felt like the whole desert. I woke up quick at about noon. I looked for my companions. Thankfully, a rock had broken out fall. We would've fell off a cliff if it wasn't for that single boulder. I saw the girl, and lifted her up and cradled her. "Hey," I said softly "can you hear me?" Her eyes opened after a while when I said that. Then she wrapped her arms around me. I tried to convince her to let go, and she'll be okay. After a while, she comprehended with me. I looked for the others. Lyle was under the car, still in the driver's seat. It took me about 2 minutes to get him out. Then I laid him down like a wounded soldier. I found Desiree lying down a few feet away from the car. Then Jacob behind the boulder, arms haning off the edge. But no sign of Tom. "TOM!!" I cried out. "TO-" then I stopped at a horrific sight. His arms dangling, blood dripping from his mouth, and blood oozing out of his stomach. He was impaled on a sharp rock. Like something in a movie, I was able to see myself, look at him. I couldn't believe it. I looked away, and then into the sky. A tear rushed down my face.

After a while when everyone recovered, I told them the news. We found a proper spot to bury him. We were lucky enough to get his body off the rock. We stood there for what seemed like years. Tears on my face. And even when I write this right now, there are tears dropping on the diary, and I feel the lonlieness as I did on that day. It wasn't just the way we lost him, but who he was. He was a great war hero. Someone who fought for his country, and in a war that pretty much had no meaning as to why it began. But before all that and before we buried him, I remember what he said to me. "Take my medal if anything happens. Give it to my son, it'll help him get through this tough time." The setting seemed perfect as well. It was at night when we had set up camp. He put the medal in a box, and handed it to me. I came back to the real world after that memory. I went to the car that was upside down. It was on fire , so I was hoping the medal didn't burn. I searched the glove compartment for it. Found the scorching hot box and freshly burnt. I opened it with my blistered bloody hands, and found the hot piece of iron. Thankfully, it didn't melt.

That night, when we found a place to be safe a few miles from the California and Nevada border, I spoke to Lyle. He was just sitting there, in the dark, looking into the sky. I sat next to him with my lantern. It light up the mood of what my conversation was going to be about. I joined him in his moment of possible reminiscing. For a while, there were no words spoken. "How you holdin' up?" I asked. "Not so well." His eyes were throbbing red from mourning. Looking into to them made me feel as if im staring into the sun. But the reflection of the stars in his eyes assured me it was okay to look into them and there would be no chance of blindess. "This shit festival we call a 'group' is breaking apart. First it was Abel back in Colorado. Then Eve. Now my father. Who else is next? The little girl?" "Well, there's still hope. We're almost to California." "Yeah but we still have to go through the other cities before that." he argued "Even if we do make it to San Diego, how sure are we there will be a relief team there to transport us to saftey? They might have already left." Then it was quiet agian. "Oh, almost forgot," I exclaimed, "Your dad wanted you to have this." I opened my palm, with the medal in it, and the burnt threads dangling off my fingertips. "His...his medal of honor!" He was shocked. "I can't take it, it'll remind me too much of him." He waved his hand towards myne, gestering to me to put it away. And I did, but I though to myself, 'What will his dad have died for if he didn't accpet this medal?' I placed the medal where he would be able to see it when he exits the room.

Day broke, and we were already packing up. Luckly, there was an army truck at the stop. I loved that smell. Like the old days when I went to the mountains and my family and I camped there. That fresh air smell, and not to mention that smell of smoke which came by sitting at the campfire, roasting marshmellows, and telling stories. And we set course for San Diego, on highway West 15. Like walking in a foggy swamp, we didn't know what would happen next, and where we were going.
Part 6

We passed the beautiful hills of the East side of California. With the sun beating on them, the hills looked orange, and slightly bloody. We passed Riverside, then Diamond Valley Lake, then Oceanside. We had to go around Oceanside because of major car pile ups on the freeway. Then Carlsbad. When we reached Escondido, we had no choice but to fuil up. We stopped at a gas station near a Vons market. "Desiree,would you like to get some supplies with me." I was asking her in a polite way for some reason. Maybe it's because I didn't want to sound demanding. "Ok." She answered.

As we opened the doors, the fould stench of rotten food came rushing in our faces.We went to a canned foods isle. Found carrots, peas, tomatoe soup, and my favourite chef boyardee raviolie. There was a sense of joy as we reached for the cans. Like a couple who won the lottery, we grabbed whatever we saw. Then a can fell. Seemed like the loudest crash ever in the silence of the store. Luckly it was noon, so no nocturnels were out to get disturbed by the noise. Then I looked up to my right above the windows. Glowing red eyes. Staring right at me. Then they moved back a bit, and leaped at me. As it charged at me, the sun shined on it, so then it fell right before it could claw me. I pulled Desiree back, and drew my gun. It shrieked and twitched madly on the floor. You could hear the sizzle of the skin as the sun burnt it's very flesh. It then leaped back up and into its original position.Then there were more red eyes peering at us. All in a single line. The sun was then blocked by clouds, since it was a partly cloudy day. Now this is not making me feel the least bit cozy.

We ran to the door, but before we could be only 3 yards away from it, one of the nocturnels leaped and tackled me down. Desiree grabbed my gun, and shot it in the face. Some of it's blood on my clothes. 'I really need to change.' I had though to myself. Then I scrambled up and ran with the basket full of cans. They were weighing me down, but they were to important to let go of. Then they all ran to us. Me and Desiree switched items. I shot back as I ran, Desiree being my eyes up front. Bullets whizzed past them, injured them, so on. As one fell, the other behind it tripped, then causing a dominoe effect. It was too comical to just run away from all that. So I finished off the ones I could. Then we had finally reached the "Exit" door, as an automated voice said, "Thank you, please come again." "Fuck that!" I said, and Desiree laughed.

After all the comotian, we decided to go to the nearest hospital for medical supplies.

We arrived at Polamar Hospital. The big tower which had rooms made us feel small. No way would we go up there though. As we were entering the parking lot, we heard crashes and bangs. We looked to find the noise. Jacob spotted it and pointed. There were windows on the 20th something floor being broken. There were dead bodies flying out. Or zombies. We heard gun shots. Yep, zombies free falling. We decided to run up there and help whoever needed it. "Ok we're going to get into two groups." Lyle was a great party leader, he probadly got it from his father. "Desiree, you come with me and we'll get supplies, since you have no weapon and the girl needs to be watched. Jacob and Jake, go upstairs and see whats going on." "Alright then." Jacob answered. And so we did as planned.

It took 8 minutes at least, and a few zombies later, we found the room. The door was wide open. We entered and there was no more comotion. There, laid a dead S.W.A.T team member. As we proceeded forward, we heard a noise. The curtain which blocked the view of the hospital bed began to slight move. It walked towards us, staggering actually. It was too dark to tell if it was a zombie though. It had a gun in one hand. So I hesitated to shoot. Now it was close enough to be dangerous. What was it?

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Re: "Hope" lies dead 4-6 (Explicit Content)

Post  Ross Saxophone on 23rd August 2009, 11:00 pm

Ross Saxophone
Ross Saxophone
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Re: "Hope" lies dead 4-6 (Explicit Content)

Post  Phatnutsack on 23rd August 2009, 11:25 pm

Ross Saxophone wrote:POST THIS IN ONE THREAD.

trust me i tried. its too big for one thread

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Re: "Hope" lies dead 4-6 (Explicit Content)

Post  BlitherCube on 24th August 2009, 2:44 am

Not if you double post. I think its ok in this situation.
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Re: "Hope" lies dead 4-6 (Explicit Content)

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