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"Hope" lies dead 7-8 (Explicit Content)

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"Hope" lies dead 7-8 (Explicit Content)

Post  Phatnutsack on 23rd August 2009, 8:50 pm

Part 7

"Thank God yeh didn't pull the trigger yet, ai?"
"What the hell?"
"Oh sorry to startle ya. Thee name's Isacc. But you could call meh 'Ai' if ya please." This was no ordinary survivor. He was a great Scotish man! "Oh. Im Jake, and this is Jacob." We shook hands and then resumed our original stance. "So, uhh, ya come here often? I'm just pulling yeh leg. Course yah don't." "Umm, what happened here?" "Oh this? Well this be mah loving partner Phil. He's a bloody mess." He shook off some blood from his hand as he gave his dead friend a pat on the chest. I only knew that guy for a minute, and I was already loving his accent. "Ok, well you need some way out of here?" "Yeh, sure. I'll explain to yah what went down heer when we out.

"Hey look what we found. Can we keep him!?" Jacob seemed to be jolly as he asked this stupid question to Lyle. "Yeah sure why not. So, we'll show you the way out." We hopped into the jeep. "So, I'll tells yah now what happened. Me and mah buddy were with the Police when hell broke loose. So we went to the hospital, and wouldn't yah know, they's already infected. We stayed there for a hell of a long time." He drew a cigarette from his vest pocket, lit it, placed it in his mouth, and began to puff. "Seemed like it took us days to get to stores for food and back. I think that meybe from all the traveling, we might have wasted half of the undead population. And it was a good thing yeh came here on time. I was badly injured and nearly out of ammo." "How did you get hurt?" asked Desiree. He looked into her eyes, and I think he had felt the same thing I did when I first saw her. "Well one of them things from the sewers clawed me as we walked by the man hole." He was still looking at her. At this point I was jelous. Then the car stuttered.

It began making popping sounds. Dead. "Shit, shit, fucken shit! The car has something wrong with it." "I can tell." I said. Lyle went to go check the engine, and he announced it was a dead battery. "I think there might be ay auto shop near heer." Isacc sounded like genius, and almost sounded like he was trying to show off. But he knew this city better than me I'm sure of that. "Alright, lets do it then." We got out except for Isacc, who wanted to watch over the girl. He only had a MP40 though. With little ammo I suspected. We reached an auto shop which was about 2 or three blocks away from the car. Desiree finally found a pistol to use. She than told us she was going back to the car to help watch over the girl. I felt a bit more jelous at that point too.

It was very dark in the shop. We couldn't see with our single lantern and flashlight. We found a shelf with car batteries. We took them all, couldn't risk taking one back that didn't work. "Ok we got what we need let's go." As we walked out, I bumped into a shelf which was outside where the borken down cars were. A wrench fell on a car's hood, then the damn siren came on. I hurt my ears because we were so close to it. And we heard the screech of the undead. We sprinted to the car. Shotting some of them on the way. We finally reached the car after the run that felt like a marathon. "Jake!"
"I need you, Jacob, Desiree, and Isacc to protect me and the girl alright?!"
"You got it."
I kept my word. You bet your ass I'll cover you. Your the only who can fix our car too.

He tried one battery and it didn't function. Then the other. No. On the fourth one it finally worked. We piled into the car and rushed off. One of 'em bastards got in the back with me. I fought his jaw and hands. Then Jacob, chopping it's neck off nearly did the same to myne. I felt the wind from it rush by my neck. The head rolled off like an apple. I looked in his eyes in amazement. "What?" Then we heard a crash on the car roof. And then there was a rip in the cover of the back. There was some sort of spider thing. Saliva was dripping out madly and there was way too much. It growled. I shot at it's chest and more...ooze like substance came pouring out. It was like rain, so disgusting. I shot reapeatly at it's face, but all it did was stun it. Isacc drew his MP5, finally I thought to myself, and shot madly at it. It winced a couple times, but it was still attacking

We were going under a small bridge, and it leaped up. As it did a flip in there air, I saw the same green glow like those mutants back in Nevada. "Jacob, give me your axe!" I demanded. He tossed it to me. I climbed to the roof as well, kind of sitting on a little metal part which was connected by the ceiling in the front seats. As it landed, I chopped one of it's legs like a tree. It fell and the ooze was rushing out agian from it's retarted leg. It flipped on its back, turned back on its handicapped legs, and was facing away from me. Too perfect. I lunged my axe at the groth on it's back. Then it popped like a blister. And right away it went brain dead. I then went back to my seat, as if nothing happened. "Wow," I exclaimed "what a rush."
Part 8

We finally made it out of Escondido. So much lonieness in this small city. Before, I bet it was a booming society, and now they're all dead, undead, or far from this madness. The trees waved beautifully though, as the wind blew it. As if waving us good bye from this hell. We got back on highway 15, and headed South to San Diego. As I looked back on the road, passing flipped over cars, broken barriers, and a few dead soldiers, I heard a rumble. I though only I had heard it, but as I turned to everyone else, they did the same. Wondering what that noise was. Then there was a big crash, and the bridge began to collapse.

"HEY! Pick up the pace!" I ordered Lyle. We went the limit of the car. Not good enough. The bridge began to collapse right under our truck. The back end of our truck began to slide off, and I was the 1st to go. I fell for what seemed like forever, but I knew it wasn't. Then I hit a tree, and was immediatly knocked out.

I woke up at about sunset. Must have been out for hours. I was cradeled in the tree's branches. God must have loved me because only 5 feet away from me was a fence that was capable of piercing my body. I looked around to see if everything was ok, and it was. But where was the rest of my group? I looked around for my gun, and it was just on the ground. I jumped down from the tree with only a bruise, and as I bent down for my gun, the zombies were at a fence which was about 50 feet away from me. Thank God there was a gate though, or else they would've been surrounding me while I was in the tree. I raised my weapon, and shot some of them down, and then I realized I only had one spare mag. left. So I decided to let them wait there like a bunch of idiots.

I went in search for my group, or any signs of them. There were a few of our supplies though, flashlight, one of the first aid kits, and another flashlight. No food I though to myself. I began my journey towards what I though was saftey. There was a barricaded house not far from where I was. So I decided to go check it out. It was my biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. Because once I got to the porch, the barricaded windows began to have holes, and hands coming out of them. There was probadly a family there once, as I noticed two small hands. Then the door broke open. And there was one fat son of a bitch. He began to wobble towards me, but very quickly though. So I power walked back and shot as well. Then the rest of the family came outside to greet me. And thats when I ran for my fucken life.

The last time I ran like this is when I was in track and field in high school. It was somewhat fun for me. I don't know why but something about me running for my life was somewhat entertaining for me. I ran into a Home Depot and began to barricade the door with carts, moveable tables and fork lifts Luckly the forklifts were nearby, so it spared me some time. I stayed for a while, wondering what to do next. Then I decided there was only one way out of this mess. I went to the home garden section of the store. Grabbed some hedge clippers and broke em apart like two knifes, a chainsaw, and a couple of nail shooters. They had a perfect amount of battery juice in them. As I walked to the door, I saw a boombox, and in it was a Metallica CD. I played it, to get me pumped up, and put on the song, All Nightmare Long. It began with a guitar solo, and then the drums, as I moved the the carts, forklifts, and tables. I put the boombox, next to me as I sat on the fork lift. Then I charged at the door with it, and it stuck some of them on the forks. There were obviously more than I thought there were, but no turning back now. Then I got off, revved the chainsaw, and did my business.

I ran the blade into the fatass first, since he was considered the "biggest" threat. Ha ha. Then I cringed my teeth together, and sawed my way through the mob. Blood was going every where, body parts falling off, it was a damn bloody gore fest. Kids, look away from this journel if you have a big imagination and can see whats going on in your head. I sliced through one of their body's diagnoly, and across the chest and breasts. It was so bloody, I could barely see with all the blood in my eyes, luckly there was no way of getting infect from the blood, only orally. I wiped a mixture of blood and sweat off my forehead and face. The song was still playing and it was great. Then the chainsaw died out, and I dropped it and pulled out the hedge trimmers. I stabbed left to right, back and forth. And everytime I pulled out the trimmers, they were bloodier than when I stuck them in.

Now I was out of the mob, and was facing the rest of them. Then I reached for the chainsaw, and used it was an axe. Now there were only 3 left, but still going strong. Then I lifted up the nail shooters and shot then in the forehead. Many fall, but one remains. And I grabbed the trimmers, stabbed it's neck, manuvered around it, and sliced it's legs off. I let it crawl towards me. And I tortured it by stabbing the trimmers in it's back. Then I finally finished it off. It began to rain. It's been a while since I've seen rain. So I went back inside, hoping to find good clothes. And there were some painter outfits, so I took off all my clothes, and put on the uniform. My underwear was still good though. And I heard a yell. I though it was my imagination, but I looked out side, and there they were. "Oh my God!" Said Jacob. "Did you do all this.?" They were shocked, except for Desiree, who ran to me, hugged me, and gave me a big kiss on the lips. Maybe she did like me. Thankfully, I wiped off the mess or else I would have never gotten that wonderful kiss.

We decided to stay in there for a while, so we began to barricade everything, killed some stragglers in supply closests and offices, and we rested.

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