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Fire Hazard Characters/Players

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Fire Hazard Characters/Players

Post  DeadApe on 8th May 2009, 7:39 pm

Campaign 1: Fire Hazard


Masterofkills09 as
Name:Kasimir Jochen
Race: German
Occupation: Fireman
Age: 24
Physical Characteristics: Masculent and has short brownish hair
Backstory/Additional Info: He was born in Germany and moved to Liberty City for a better life. Works in lower west Alderney. Strong, ready for anything, a true leader.

MrNoodlePWNzz as
Name: Russle "The Hussle" Richard
Race: Caucasian
Age: 43
Occupation: Retired Professional Hot Dog Eater
Desctription: 5'6, 250 lbs, nice round belly, balding though you can't tell cause of his pink and blue bandana.

Backstory: Russle is a nobody. He is a loser and is only comforted by the fact that he can eat 12 hotdogs in 2 minutes. Hes out of shape and not the brightest of the bunch either. After failed therapy sessions Russle spirals into crippling depression. When the outbreak hits he is unaffected feels relieved that his past doesnt seem to matter anymore.

Blithercube as
Name: Feng Tan Fa
Race: Chinese
Occupation: Restaurant Manager
Physical Characteristics: 5'6"short black hair, goatee, 140 Pounds

Backstory/Additional Info: Feng and his brother Kuai work at Mr. Fuks Rice Box. When the outbreak hits Alderney they leave out the backdoor and head home. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Feng bought a handgun for his house. Even with firearms, the house is getting very dangerous and Feng and his brother will have to move soon.

Fattyboy122 as
Name: Kuai Fa
Race: Chinese
Occupation: Chinese Restaurant Waiter/ Sitter.
Physical Characteristics: Height 5"7, Weight 170 pounds, Mid size, Red jacket with white stripes, short black hair , small round glasses and jeans.

Backstory/Additional Info: Kuai is the younger brother of Feng Kuai. At the age of 24 he became a waiter at a chinese restaurant in the city, he feels at home there. He never got to know his real parents and he wonders if one day he will be able to see them. One day during work the streets become chaos as people start rushing into the restaurant. The frightened residents of the city say people are starting to bite each other and many have died. A police car zooms past the restaurant and Kuai grabs a 9mm pistol from behind the counter and alerts his brother Feng. They escape out the back door of the restaurant and head home.

Knoxville as
Name: Sean McMurphy
Race: Irish
Age: 27
Occupation: Illegal Weapons Dealer
Description: Height 6"2, Weight 205lbs

Backstory: Sean was all too prepared for this disaster. You know that there are alot of freaks and wierdos in Liberty City, but you never really met a guy like this...
"You want guns? I got some fucking guns alright. I got some guns that will stop god in his tracks. I got a gun in my kitchen, a gun in my living room, a gun in my basement, a gun under my pillow, hell i even got a gun in my bathroom for when im taking a shit. This city is a shooting range, come get me ya fucking devils!"

XDP Punisher as
Name: Danny
Race: Portuguese/Russian
Occupation: Owns a carshop on Keneckie Ave.
Physical Characteristics: 27 short brown hair, tanned, brazilian ju jesto.

Backstory/Additional Info: I have been holding off in Leftwood/Sacramento Ave. During the day i scavenge the abandoned apartments in the area. I hide out on the roof if those things come here. I have atleast 2 months of food and supplies for myself and i am ready to ration it to others for protection. I am broadcasting on all CB radio channels day and night.

More info to come.

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Episode 1

Post  BlitherCube on 11th May 2009, 5:31 pm

Diary entry of Feng Fa:
5/17/09 我们变得饥饿。 如果我们不移动,我们将死。 有幸存者在消防局。
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Episode 2

Post  Spiderman on 12th May 2009, 6:03 pm

"Hello...this is Sean Murphy. Im still alive. Please *static*. I have plenty of guns and i can kill these things. *static* now at the Alderney internet cafe. There are alot of them here."

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Re: Fire Hazard Characters/Players

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