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The Minstrel Entry 5-6

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The Minstrel Entry 5-6

Post  Phatnutsack on 13th September 2009, 6:39 pm

Entry 5

We made our way to the roof, and stopped to see that Rudy was grabbing some items.
"What are you doing? There's not time to get stuff!"
"I'm getting pictures of my family, their all I have left of them." I felt pity for him, and helped him grab some pictures as well. The ceiling in the hallway began to crumble. There was hardly anytime left. "C'mon let's get going." Then there was a big rumble, and some high pitched sound. A propane tank in the kitchen must have caught fire, because a short moment after that, there was an explosion in there. The fire rushed through the doorways, eating up everything it could, crawling up the walls, chewing on the paintings, wallpaper, and some left behind pictures. We were in between two door ways. We had to scrunch together so we wouldn't get burnt. We then ran up the stairs as the fire began to die down a bit. It was full for now. Just as we placed our feet on the last step to the 2nd floor, the stairs began to crack. And to make things worse, the zombies were chasing us. But they weren't gonna get far. The fire made a movement to grasp them, and ate them up.

I wonder where Knoxville and Rod were at. Maybe they didn't wait for us. I hope they did. We saw the floor of the 2nd story room. There was a big gap, and a charred hole that had its ends facing up from the force. The fire then crept it's way up the 2nd story. It searched the rooms for anything to munch on, then headed for us. The fire seemed to have a mind of it's own.

We finally made it to the roof, which seemed to have taken forever. Me and Rudy were on our arms, panting and coughing. Rudy still had the photos cradled in his arms. He had some burns on him. Man did he love his family. "Ok, up, up up up." Knoxville helped us up to our feet. We placed the photos in a bag we carried along with us.
"You guys might want to get off quick."
"Why?" I asked.
“Because in my basement,” he stopped to take a quick breath and coughed, “in my basement, there’s a huge propane tank. And it’s able to blow this whole place up.” The fire seemed to have heard him say that. 10 seconds later, there was a huge explosion. It blew threw the roof and made all the plants and greenhouse materials to fly in the air to join it in flight. Thankfully we were on the other roof now. But there was something strange about that explosion, it had something in it. Then the strange item fell to the ground, and it began to bleed. Then got up on it’s fore arms, and screeched. The body was scorched and sizzling. With a few embers on it still. Then it charged at us. Must be really hungry. It obviously couldn’t tell that the roof we were standing on, was about 20 feet away from the roof we were on. We quickly removed the the 2x4’s that were placed for an easy escape. It widened it’s mouth and roared with it’s arm’s behind it, and at full speed towards us. It then made a sudden halt. There was no sight of it except the blood on the alley way pavement. “That was close.” As we walked away, there ruins of a perfect survival home was wasted away. All that time and effort for a great fort was now wasted away in only a matter of minutes and flames. The smoke rose high. The fire crackled and waved in achievement, knowing that they did their job well. Now we must find a new area to go.

Well it was pretty tough, but we found safe haven. It’s a pretty small house, but easy to defend, plus there’s roof access and a car. It has 2 rooms, one bath and one big living room connected to the kitchen. It’s very square from the outside, and has the old Mexico home detail and style to it. Plus there’s a spring fence, the owner must have been grouchy. But we lost a member, Rudy. As we were making our way through a dark street with the buildings towering over us, a legless zombie crawled up to Rudy, and bit him. We stabbed it in the head, not wanting to alert any other zombies of our presence. He insisted to go on. But before we went, he gave me the pictures. And then he gave me a note. It read;

“Dearest family, this note is either a suicide note, or a note which means that I didn’t make it. This letter is hastely written, because as I right this, there are zombies outside my door. I’m running out of ink, but nothing will stop me from saying this. I love you so much, and know that I always have. Don’t grieve my death for long, but just remember me for who I was. I’m not sure what else to write but this. Remember that day when we saw a form of an angel in the sky. Then as the sun set, the clouds began to turn read, but the angel was still white as a pillow, well, I’m seeing this very cloud right now. It’s beautiful. I think it’s a sign. Because remember that it was shown when our tio Victor passed away. I think that as they buried him, the angel flew him to heaven. I think this may be a sign for me and my passing. That is why I right this. So remember, once you see that cloud agian, remember that the angel is taking me by the wings, and flying me to heaven. I’ll say hi to tio Victor for you, and grandma, and tio Uriel, even though he died as a baby, he might be old enough to speak. I love you guys very much.”

Entry 6

It was a very touching letter, and I promised him I’ll give it to his family as we hope to see them. It was very strange, because I saw that cloud that day he died. The cloud was beautiful, and I’m very thankful for seeing it. The angel seemed to have something in it’s arms. But I couldn’t tell what, it was a cloud though. A face, a harp, a baby? I don’t know but this letter will not leave my pockets. I will cherish until I reach his family.

We boarded up the small house and every crack that might make our scent escape. But at least there are canned foods in here. We got roast beef, spam, tuna, some vegetables, and some sort of soup. We're living like if we were in peace. Just relaxing on the couch, drinking some soda and juice. It's pretty peaceful. We also tried to work the tv, but there's some wire thing missing. We searched the rooms, floors, furniture, nothing. Until we found it, hanging from the tv stand in the back. Smart. We plugged it in, hoping the signal and electricity didn't ware out. Then there was a loud screech. "Turn it down!' Now the screech was lowered to a simple sound of wind. We skimmed through the channels. Chanel 14, 15, 16, 8, 10. Until we hit channel 23. There was a man speaking. And behind him along with all the other small tv screens of the studio hung a Canadian flag. "Know that we are still strong," spoke the middle aged man with parted hair."the virus will never reach the borders of Canada. We are here to report to you every movement of the undead activity. We are also connected to America, Mexico, and any other rural place to bring you more updates." The man looked tired, big bags under his eyes, his coat was hanging on his chair with his tie loostened.

"The U.S. government is investigating this outbreak." That's completely ridicules. While we're here, dying, the government is trying to figure out who did this? It's complete bullshit. The man stopped, looked past the camera, and his eyes followed a paper which was handed to him. "This just in, the amount of undead is slowly decreasing. I repeat, the population of the undead is slowly decreasing. Here we have Dr. Phillips Michael coming to us from Via sattelite. Michael." Then there was shown a man who looked to be in his 50's square glasses, a small bandit lip moustache and neatly parted hair like the reporter. "Well Shawn, it seems that the undead are starving from lack of food. Now this isn't a relativly good sign for those in infected areas because their ability to catch a scent of a man is increasing."
"Why is this happening Phillips.?"
"Well because much like an adrenaline rush, the body increases it's abilities to survive. Now their body's know that the host is dying and so they increase their blood pressure which then increases their senses."
"So they're getting worse, is that what your saying?"
"Yes they are." The man had a worried look on his face, then buttoned up his coat. Then we lost the signal. "What the fuck?" Rod got up and slap the tv on the side. "It's not working."

Then I looked towards Knoxville who was looking at the ceiling. "Shh." He put his finger over his lip. "Ya hear that?" There was the sound of footsteps, then growls. I grabbed both of my guns. Rod grabbed the MP5 which was supposed to be given to Rudy. Then we all got our stuff. I was the first to head up the stairs that lead to the roof. I opened up the small door and quickly jolted back. Then I poked my head out to the left, then right. At that moment the zombie tackled my head like a fumbled football. "Arrgh." I though for sure I was dead. Then the rest of my friends came up and shot at the zombie. I got up and checked for any bites. It was quiet now. The only sounds audible was the white noise of the tv and the wind. Then there were more growls. "Rod, double check if everything is barricaded." And he went on to check. He came back a while later. "Barricaded."

Then something jumped over the fence and landed on the lawn. It was some sort of mutant thing. Where did it come from though? "Fire!" We all shot at once. The mutant moved backwards to every bullet that hit it. Then more zombies came out. Now we were screwed. We shot at whatever was closer. We were fighting them off for what seemed like forever. Then the windows began to break and crash. We then closed the roof access door. Now we were really screwed. Then there was a light in the distance down the street. Then it came closer, now two lights. It was a car. It then seemed to have seen us and began to honk. The person in it helped us out a bit. Then we finally got in. "The name's John Stawasz." As we got into the 4 door car, there was a scream. Then someone was pulled back. It was too dark to tell, but someone was dying.

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Re: The Minstrel Entry 5-6

Post  not to worry on 13th September 2009, 6:55 pm

Dude this is the Second one of yours I read, It pretty awesome.. Write more.

You should be a writer lol
not to worry
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Re: The Minstrel Entry 5-6

Post  Phatnutsack on 13th September 2009, 6:57 pm

n2wry wrote:Dude this is the Second one of yours I read, It pretty awesome.. Write more.

You should be a writer lol

you know, when i was a kid i wanted to be a writer, but never knew what kind of stories i would write. so thanks for the motivation lol

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Re: The Minstrel Entry 5-6

Post  ABigSoggy Wafle on 13th September 2009, 8:33 pm

I hadn't read this story 'till now and I got to say it isn't half bad. Obviously keep going but for some help in the future, try spell checking it in word or just revise it. It never hurts to re-read and edit your story. I have to say though you are up there on some of the great writers on this site (even though there are a handful of truly great writers on this site).
ABigSoggy Wafle
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Re: The Minstrel Entry 5-6

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