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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 6-8

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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 6-8

Post  Zomando on 27th September 2009, 12:05 pm

I was terrified, and it didn't help me any when I felt a gun pointing at my back.

"Looks like we got a little Japanese prick on our hands." one said.

"You got that right, check out his little sword." said the other.

"What do you wanna do with him?" said the first one.

"What the fuck do you think? Were gonna take everything he have, then were gonnAGH-"

He stopped mid-sentence. When I turned around, I saw a long, blood-soaken blade sticking out of his stomach.

"Tachisaru." the killer said to the other, calmly. I now knew the murderer was Japanese.

The other ran off as fast as he could. I turned to greet him and I saw he was an old Asian man.

I said to him "Thanks a lot, man. Those guys would've probably-"

"SHUUSHI." He interrupted, he continued quietly in Japanese, " You are master of the sword, yes?"

"Hai." I replied.

"Ahh," he continued, "You live like a Samurai, you die like a Samurai."

The old man came at me, sword raised and screaming. Without thinking, I took out my sword and fought back. I didn't want to kill this man, but I had to defend myself. The battles went for another five minutes. We were in our on world. We completely channeled out the armagaedon around, the world consisted of him, me, and our weapons. The old man brought one last fatal swipe, but I dodged it and hit is sword to the ground.

"You fight very well." said the Japanese old man. He took a good long look in my eyes.

"Like........Like my son." he said.

I then knew exactly who it was. It was my Father. I dropped my sword and ran over to him. I embraced him in a warm hug.

"Dad I can't believe your alive!"
"What? Am I old man?"
"No, just with all the shit going on.."
"Come. I'll take you to my "hideout."

We traveled in the shadows for about 3 blocks. When we arrived, I found out that it was only an old Laundromat.


We went through the back door. When we got inside, he locked the door in three places. I turned around to take a good look at the place.

"Hoooly Shit."

The place had everything. Food, Coffee, Weapons, Battery-Powered Microwave, and a TV.

"The TV's battery-powered." Dad said.

"Well, do you get any picture?" I asked.

"I have got some advertisement. It's from down south. I'm guessing there's still civilization down there.. I guess that's where the helicopters are going." He replied.

"What? What helicopters?" I said.

"The Helicopters! There all around! They've been picking guys up all around the city. Everyone's being evacuated."

Was it the guys from back at the warehouse? Or was it the Army? Navy? Government? I needed to get out of the city. I need to get down south.

"Do you know where the Helicopters are flying around?" I asked.

"Yes, I'll take you there in the Van." He replied quietly.

I was waiting in the back of the van for what it felt like an hour. Every so often, Dad would run into one of those monsters and swear quietly in Japanese. Finally, the van stopped. Dad opened the back doors.

"Be Alert, Young Shao." He said. he then handed me a glock pistol.

"How can I find you?" I asked.

"Just look up." He said. I did so, And I say a large bridge. The Laundromat was just on the side of the large monument.

"Thanks, Dad." I said.

"No Son, Thank You." He said. He gave me a large hug, and got in the van.

"Wait! Dad!" I shouted.

"What, what is it?" He replied.

"Is it true..about you being the most feared yakuza boss and everything?" I asked.

He opened the van door and walked over to me.

"It is as true as this sword is beautiful."

He handed me his own katana. I tied it to my back as he drove away. And just like that, I was on my own and waiting for something that would probably never arrive.
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