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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 16-18

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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 16-18

Post  Zomando on 6th October 2009, 10:26 pm


I woke up the next morning with too much on my mind. When I entered Will's bedroom, I saw that he was completely infected. But from what Vito told me, if Will was killed, Zak was taking someone's life in exchange. "He's an important member of our group. He has the best shot and he's been carrying his weight pretty well." Vito claimed. I guess I just have to see how things go.

The guys were having there routine search, but they wanted me to come along this time. Being a doctor, they expected me to come up with answers. They said that yesterday, Will had stumbled into a Burger Shot up North and alerted a horde on the search. With my sprained leg, they didn't think I'd be much help. So, we took a look in the Hospital garage, and we've stumbled upon a motorcycle.

The ambulances traveled South, I journeyed North.....Alone.


After about 15 minutes, I finally found the Burger Shot. With sawed-off shotgun in hand, I approached the entrance doors. Looking through the windows, I saw about 70 of those things crammed into the small building. They were gathered around a fresh, human. I couldn't hear his screaming, but I could oddly feel it. Will was probably surrounded by the undead, in a small, congested area. It was probably caused by close contact, or being breathed on by one of them, ...maybe.

Before they got a chance to see me, I limped back onto the motorcycle and sped off.


On my way back, I was rudely greeted by the sound of helicopters. From past experiences, I knew what to do: Get the fuck out of there. But before I could I recover from the shock, the bullets began erupting around me. I went down alleyways, under bridges, and down staircases, but the thing always knew which way to go. Instead of going down the road, I found an opportunity to lose them. I sped right through a fence and into an alley way. BAD FUCKING IDEA. I swirved out of control, hit a curb, fell of the bike, and landed unconscious next to a dumpster.

When I woke up, I saw the helicopter in the street, and a soldier coming towards me. I couldn't make out what he was trying to say. He brought his foot down on my stomach, so I guess he wanted me to get up. With my hand in my coat, I obeyed his order slowly. But to his surprise, I sent my katana into his left leg. The blade sliced right through his foot, To be honest, I didn't expect that to happen. He wobbled towards me with his arms raised, but I rammed my sword through his neck. I remember quite well blood getting in my eye. I never thought blood stung that bad. I then limped back to the motorcycle, And made my escape. About 10 minutes later, I was found by the helicopters again. The chopper came down low and sent a mirage of bullets into my back wheel. I lost my balance and rolled down the street. When I came to a stop, I got on my feet and ran into an alley, and bullets followed. I was too afraid to come out of the alley. After minutes of deciding what to do, I made a mad dash to a parked car. It was my lucky fucking day, the keys were on the dashboard. I started the car and hauled ass back to Westdyke Memorial.


Night fell over the sky while I pulled up to the front curb of the Hospital. Right then and there it hit me. I checked my phone. 12:17 am. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I was locked out. I panicked. I yelled at the door, but no one answered. I tried to calm myself, I'll just come back in the morning.

In..in the morning..

It's gonna be a long night.

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Cry Owes Me A Custom Title

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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 16-18

Post  Namorg on 6th October 2009, 11:34 pm

Nice writings
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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 16-18

Post  Masterofkills09 on 6th October 2009, 11:51 pm

!?!? >=(
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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 16-18

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