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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 20

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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 20

Post  Zomando on 11th October 2009, 7:16 pm


We've been living underground in a parking garage and facility for a day now.

With me our the following:

Brennan, the black man. He's a trigger-happy lunatic, but he's a good friend. He looks out for his buddies. He goes by the nickname "Crusher."

Devin, the wise one. He knows the city the best out of all of us. He said that he had a helicopter and was evacuating survivors (Was he one of the many pilots evacuating survivors out of the city? Not sure yet.), but his chopper crashed. He met up with Brennan in Alderney.

Seth, my least favorite of the three. He's in his late teens, and he's annoying as fuck. He always tells us "not to worry.", but he's the bitchiest of the group. So far, all I know he can do is pick locks. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure he's useless. Devin and Brennan found him broken down in an apartment with a gun at his head.

Devin has assumed the role of the group's Leader. I have no problem with this. He knows what he's doing. With our safehouse, we have found a door to some upstairs apartments. With the sleeping arrangements, Brennan sleeps in the back of the van, and the rest sleep in tents.

Supplies List:


-Green Jacket
-Black T-shirt
-Perseus Dress Suit


-1 pistol (I gave my second pistol to Brennan)
-Surgical Knife
-My Katana
-Father's Katana

I'll write again... soon.
Cry Owes Me A Custom Title
Cry Owes Me A Custom Title

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