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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 23-24

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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 23-24

Post  Zomando on 17th October 2009, 4:00 pm


MARCH 20TH, 2008:

I'll never forget this day.

It felt like I was waiting for hours. A Blista Compact driven by a man and his accomplice was supposed to meet me outside the gun shop located in Chinatown at exactly 3:15. It was 3:32. I got the email about what was going down the day before.

Finally, the car arrived. The two Italian men in the car came out to meet me. One had dark brown hair and goatee, and telling from the stride in his step, he loved what he does. The other was a quieter man, his head was shaved.

"Eh, you Purcelli?" the first one asked.

"Purcell, JB Purcell." I replied, I still went by my "American" name back then. The email included little instruction. It said to wear a suit, and intimidate the client. I didn't really know what that meant.

"How ya doing, JB? My name's Vinny. My friend here, his name's Paul. Call him Paulie." Vinny said.

"You're a little late." I said to them.

"Oh, don't worry about it. Let's go do what has to be done." Vinny replied. We proceeded down the stairs to the underground gun shop. The lights were down low, and the owner, a Chinese man, watched our every move. Posters, swords, and weapons covered the walls.

"How you do." the owner said.

"Pretty good. Pretty good. Hey, I gotta question. You know anything about the Ancelottis?" Vinny said.

"No, no. I don't get involved in shit like that." the owner said nervously.

"I'm pretty sure you do." Vinny said while he picked up a Desert Eagle and pointed it at the Chinese man. "You owe us some protection money. Where's your boss?"

"I tell you nothing!" the man cried out.

"Hey, hey. He asked you a question. It would be polite of you to answer." I said to him calmly.

"Fuck you fuck! You fuck off now! Leave!" He yelled. I let out a heavy sigh. I reached towards the wall and took down a sword. I didn't wanna do this, but the email had very clear instructions. Intimidate the client. The blade came down on his hand, which was resting on a table. He grasped the nub, screaming, but blood sprayed through his grip.


"Grand-Grand Dragon Restraunt!" He wailed. While he laid on the ground bleeding, we took everything we could from the shop. We went back up the stairs, and hopped in the car.

"I think you overreacted back there, JB. Just a little." Vinny said behind the wheel, while casually proceeding to our destination.

"What? Oh, sorry. I don't know what happened back there." I replied.

"Don't worry about it. Lookey-loo. Where here." Vinny said. We got out of the car and entered the building.

No one got out alive.

5:00 pm. I got to work just in time. I did the usual. No surgeries scheduled. No emergencies. We had to deal with a bike accident, but no big deal. I got home at 10:00. I jumped onto my bed and stared at the ceiling. This is when an avalanche of thought hit me. I've killed people. Too many. I have too much blood on my hands, and I go to work, and completely channel it out. When I went to rub my eyes, I saw that I was crying. I was drowning in guilt.

I am a terrible person.

I deserve to die.


We've finally had time to settle down here underground. The last week, we've only been setting up and getting used to the facility. We finally have time to get to know each other. To talk. We were gathered around an old lantern, with a beer in each of our hands.

"This is nice. This is real nice." Brennan said quietly after taking a sip from his can. We all agreed. "So, JB. how have you been the last few months? What's your story?"

I told them. Hell, I could've just read my diary out loud, but it stayed soundly in my backpack. When I finished, I let out a sigh and took a swig of my drink. "How 'bout you Seth?"

"Well," he began. "I'm from a little down south. I was on vacation with my parents here. We saw everything. We went places, We ate great food. Tourist crap, but it was some of the happiest days of my life. The fifth day of our vacation, that was when the shit just started. We were in Star Junction. Every screen had reports of the infection. They said to stay indoors, but before we could get a taxi back to the apartment, oh god." He held his head in his hands. "They came sprinting down the the street. There were so many. It was a nightmare. They got hold of my parents. They tore my Mom apart, and they ripped the skin off my Dad. I loved them so much." Seth sat there quietly.

"Mine's a little different." Brennan stated. "I was working in an office at Broker. I hated my job. If I would've been there another week, I would've killed every fucking person in that building. I even bought a shotgun." he took a deep breath and continued. "I was told the reports came in around that time. I wouldn't know, because I just lost my television. I walked into the office on Monday morning, with the shotgun. I was gonna do it. But it was empty. I called out, and I was greeted by the sound of groaning. A pale..thing. A monster, came running at me. I blew it away." He took a sip. "I was traveling around the city. I sometimes found other survivors, but we we would always get separated. I was in Northwood when I was attacked by large men in suits. They took me to an abandoned police station and put me in a cell. This is where I met JB. We managed to escape, but we got separated. Later, I met up with Devin. We were raiding an apartment, and we found Seth. He was in real bad shape. Jumpy. Suicidal. We took him with us. And that brings us to now."

"Nice story." Roman said quietly. He took a long pause. "I don't really have much of a story. I was unemployed and living with my friend when the infection reached Liberty City. I was roaming around with him until he got killed. I was alone for most of my journey from then. Like Brennan, I would meet up with survivors, but we would always get separated. I met up with Robert in Alderney. We were attacked by a biker gang, and Robert hurt his leg. Then we met up with you guys. And by the way, you guys can call me Namorg."

"I guess I'll go next." Robert said. "I moved here from Vice City in 2007, with low expectations. I was involved with gangs, the mob, you name it. I've killed a lot of innocent people. I came here with a dream, but it never came true. During the start of the infection, I was set. I stayed barricaded in my apartment for a few weeks. When I ran out of food, I decided to venture out into the open. I met up with a group of survivors on a bridge. At the other side, we saw a helicopter and soldiers. Figuring they could help us, we ran towards them pleading for help. They returned with bullets. No one in that group made it out except for me. I swam to Alderney where I met Namorg." I was sympathetic towards Robert, for I had a point of reference.

"What? I'm last? Fuck it." Devin took a sip from his bottle. "I was a chef at Super-Star Cafe. The pay was pretty nice, and I had a nice apartment. Life was pretty good. I heard the news of the infection at work, and when I got home, I saw that my apartment had been broken into. I called the police but no one answered. So I drove, I didn't know where I was going, but I didn't stop. I ran out of gas in front of the Booth Tunnel. I saw an abandoned Helitours station. There was Helicopter on the pad, so I jumped the fence and ran to it. When I looked in the cockpit, one of those monsters were inside. It opened the door and pounced on me. I managed to wrestle it into the river. Lucky for me, the keys were in the ignition. I took some flying classes back home in Conneticut, so I knew what I was doing. One day I forgot to refuel, and the chopper fell out of the sky. Luckily, I survived the fall. After miles of walking I met up with Brennan."

There was a long pause.

Robert let out a long yawn. "Well, I'm going to bed."

"Yeah, I will too."
"Me too."
"I'm tired as hell."
"Yeah, let's go."

We all slept soundly.
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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 23-24

Post  Cry Vengeance on 17th October 2009, 4:24 pm

Until the licker from my signature ate you all in your sleep.

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