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Post  ABigSoggy Wafle on 18th October 2009, 11:46 pm

“The kid is right you know…” said the newly found agent. “Those tanks are on the other side of the mall. We are in for a long haul but, the emergency exit should be by the bathrooms at the end of food court area. The only problem is setting off the alarm. We need to make sure we have a quick escape out of there. If we plan this right, we may have just enough time to make it out. It is a slim chance though will a full group, however, since the virus is trying to shut down Thomas’s lungs he will not be able to run and Steve’s leg can’t even have pressure pushed on it.”
“WHAT?! Are you insane?!” Steve interjected. “You are going to leave us?! Especially me? Thomas seems to have no chance but I will still have a shot! Come on! You can’t leave me here wit-…”
“Enough!” Mark interrupted “He isn’t suggesting us to leave you behind. He saying that if we make it to the cars we can get you guys out of here as well. The docking bay for trucks is right around the corner. We will meet you there…”
“Wait*gasp*! What*gasp* about Debby?!” Thomas asked counting his breaths.
“Maybe another time son, but now our priority is getting out of here… Besides when the tanks attacked us, most of the 2nd floor gave way. The store she was in was right in the war path of those things. I am sorry…”
Thomas shook. He didn’t know how to take this… He just shut his eyes and gathered his strength together… He assumed it wouldn’t be long before the infection would completely take hold of his lungs and just kill him…
“You are going to leave me with a zombie?!” Steve shouted.
Gary’s face seemed to turn to stone with an angry expression that didn’t leave his face for a second. “Listen here you punk! If Thomas were going to turn he would have done so a while ago. If her were even coming close to being one of them than you would have been dead back there. He chose to save you, show some goddamn respect!”
Steve’s face was white and speechless.
Tom let out a wheezing cough and stood up. “Let’s get this *gasp* shit going…” He figured he could get this over with. His face showed no emotions, no fear, no remorse, no grief. He was ready to die.
Like soldiers they filed out of the room and started to move quickly and as quietly as possible. The sun started to set through the big glass window that stood over the food court. Gold and orange painted very soothing time. Scurrying like mice, they group walked around broken glass and knocked over tables and made it into positions. Gary picked the lock on the employee only door and quickly grabbed the keys for a loading truck.
“Now for the real challenge…” Gary said as if this were some kind of game.
“What is that suppose to mean?” Jill said concerned.
“Well, let’s just hope the number ID on the keys are posted on the truck somewhere.” Gary confessed as he looked out the window to a lot of white trucks that seemed extremely similar.
Back at the loading bay, Steve was being helped through the metal door into a wide room with bays across each side of the room. A aluminum metal gate sealed them in from the outside. Knocked over lifts and a half loaded truck was the only thing standing in the room besides the two young high school students.
“Why did you do it?” Steve asked with no prior conversation and look forward as he hung his legs off of one of the bay platforms.
“What *gasp* do you mean?” asked Tom with curiosity that was just hinted out of his mouth.
“Why would you save me? After all I have put you through; I expected to be killed right then and there.”
“Leaving *gasp* someone behind *gasp* is something *gasp* that isn’t *gasp* in my vocabulary.”
“I honestly did those things to just be liked and… well… take out the anger issues that I deal with because of my parents. Like my dad beat my….” Steve’s mouth kept moving but Thomas heard nothing. It then got harder to see. Everything was turning black. He was completely blind and deaf but, he didn’t feel alive. He felt like death was standing over him just mocking him. His vision suddenly came to a fix and his hearing came back but, strangely heard no more talking. He looked at his surroundings to find himself sitting in a pool of blood and having pieces of flesh stuck between his teeth. Shocked he stood up quickly to look at what is left of Steve. Various organs and bones scattered the floor and blood dripped from every aspect. Everything from the bay ledge to parts of the ceiling. He looked at his hands in disbelief. He sat there shivering for a couple of seconds until a loud horn went off. Lights began to flash and the sound crawled and ripped away the inside of his ear. It traveled to his brain and felt like it was shaking it. Thomas got down on his knees grabbing his ears and tightly closing his eyes. It was getting harder to see again and his nearly puked. Thomas opened his eyes trying to fight the pain, but stopped for a moment and looked at his reflection in the maroon blood. A red light spun and shined on the puddle every few seconds. His reflection showed a blood trenched teenager with pale skin and blank eyes staring in shear grief. He began to tear but, quickly turned his attention to the opening of the metal doors. Thomas sat there waiting for the horde just to eat him alive and the light poured in from the outside into the dark, poorly lit room. Instead of a horde, however, he saw a loading truck backing up into one of the bays right next to Thomas. The metal door in the back swung open and Jill ran out.
“Thomas! Steve let’s go!” she said with the greatest sense of urgency.
Thomas sat there in the dark giving off only silhouettes of the scene Thomas had been placed in. Jill saw enough though to get a good idea of what happened.
“You stay right there!” said Jill now nervously shaking the gun at Tom with major features of incredulity illustrated all over her face and body. “DON’T FUCKING MOVE A MUSSCEL!” She said now with tears chocked up in her voice.
“Go ahead and do it… You would be doing be a favor.” Thomas said coldly without the rough voice he had just moments before.
Jill looked at Tom and looked at the gun.
“LET’S GO PEOPLE! WE DON’T HAVE ALL DAY!” Gary screamed pointing his gun outside the window towards the exit where an expected horde might be approaching.
Jill lifted the gun up; iron sights pointed and lined up with Tom’s head. Her hands began to shake as she gripped her finger around the trigger.
“GOD DAMNIT! HERE THEY COME!” Mark shouted to Tom and Jill leaning outside of the window blasting away with his rifle.
Jill had no time, it was now or never, now or never. Her mind began moving too quickly for any thoughts or reasoning to make sense. She kept lowing the gun half way and bringing it back up, unsure on what to do.
“AHH!!” She let out a loud scream and fired at what thought to be the ground trying to make a split decision just before firing. She almost missed. She almost fired the bullet and inch away from Thomas’s skull. But it is like the saying goes, “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

You have killed Thomas. WAY TO GO DICKWAD! Very Happy ?Try Again?
ABigSoggy Wafle
ABigSoggy Wafle
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