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Conflict 2 Choice 2. Don't comment on this page. Don't click this either.

Post  ABigSoggy Wafle on 18th October 2009, 11:49 pm

“No way kid… If you won’t leave then we won’t leave. End of story.” Mark countered Tom’s attempt at trying to leave him behind. “Jill, help me move these bags of food and anything else heavy we can find in here. We might be here for a while, especially if ‘Agent Gary’ here decides tells us his story.”
“Don’t even try that right now, we need a better plan.” Gary said harshly. “Staying here for the night will work but, we need a plan for tomorrow.”
“I think we should leave Thomas here outside… or caged. I don’t trust this virus. He could turn at…” Steve wasn’t able to finish before Gary’s booming voice spoke.
“He isn’t going to do anything… If my theory is correct, he will be stable for another 5 days. Until then, he is normal… A little beat up but fine.”
“He saved your life for a reason. You should trust him a little more don’t you think?” Jill now joined in the conversation.
“He is turning into a zombie we can’t just keep him in-...” Steve interrupted and started an argument between the group.
Thomas lay there, feeling like his last breaths were upon him, he thought of God. He now found out the true reason why people are atheists. He looked at the group of people screaming at each other, pointing at the ground at the bodies of fallen comrades. Although his hearing was now becoming less, he knew exactly what they were talking about. He was surprised how we all just followed each other on one another’s ideas and plans. Without even a second thought, we acted like little worker ants. Whether we agreed with it or not, we trusted each other to lead us to safety. In times of need like these, we will trust just about anyone. We may have our separate lives, but we depend thoroughly on each other’s actions. We are all connected. Even if we never meet before, each of us has a meaning to everyone else. It might not seem like it but as animals, we stick to our own kind. We may “butt heads” every so often but, we are just like one another and care for each of us. Some maybe more than others but, still fighting will get us nowhere. We are one, whether we accept it or like it, it is the truth. Thomas held off on his psychological idea on human interaction to try his best to tune back in to the argument.
“You’re a fucking dumb bitch! You know nothing!” Steve was shouting at the top of his lungs based off of Thomas’s ability to read body language very well. He decided to shut his eyes and got some sleep. He was hoping that his last breaths would be quite and peaceful. He wasn’t afraid of death. He was excited for it. He knew somewhere; he would see his parents, his friends, and others… Others… He got up in a cold sweat. “DEBBY!” he screamed in his head. He awoke to find the rest of the survivors passed out on random bags of food and such.
He got up and looked at the door. It was blocked by a metal shelf that Tom just through to the side and swung open the heavy door like it was nothing. He didn’t care how much noise he made or who he woke up. He just needed to find Debby. Dazed and almost inhuman, what with the virus slowly creeping and eating away at his young body, he made it to the stairs in a sprint. He wheezed badly and stopped at the top of the steps and gasped for air. Blood tripped out of his mouth as he clutched his chest and got on his knees coughing up more blood. His pupils became minuscule as the pain peaked and he clutched his chest nearly ripping the skin completely off his body. He gave a loud scream and punched the ground. The tile buckled under his fist and then the pieces flew to the side as his punch went straight through to the bare concrete, leaving only cracks and blood drops from his fist and his mouth, he stood up. He unphased, like nothing even happened. He walked it off imperturbably and pressed on to his objective. His teeth now clenched trying to hold off the wave of pain and blood on the other side of the white wall. He went back to sprinting, this time his speed was greatly increased and fatigue was a memory of the past. He didn’t care. He arrived at the store and opened the loud metal gate by tearing it completely off and tossed it away.
Debby sat in a closed changing room. It was completely dark except for the few beams of light that flooded through the shudders and onto Debby’s crystallized tears. She began to tremble as she heard the sound of footsteps. She hid her head between her legs and held her sobs in. The shadowy figure walked in front of the few beams of light that had used to illuminate the dark locked room. The figure took the handle and gripped it tightly. Debby’s breathing stopped and her heart to began palpitate at an extremely fast pace. He eyes widen and tears began to run down her checks. The door knob began to turn slightly and stopped half way through. Debby shot a quick glance. A slight feeling of relief came over her like a cold bucket of water. The locked knob was suddenly turning again but this time a grunt was let out. Splinters flew towards Debby and flinched to avoid injury. She looked up to see the door completely ripped off and standing in the door way was a horrific site. A bulky indescribable man or boy stood in the door way. Blood tripped from his mouth and his pupils seems to be completely gone. Debby gripped the string in hand and grinned slightly in a faintly evil way. Her face was visible but the figure ignored it. All it did was mumble and groan.
“DEBBY! Oh thank god! I… You… You’re alive!” Thomas kept going on but, Debby seemed to be unresponsive of his comments, but not his appearance. Her face told a story of a vengeance beyond any comprehension yet her body screamed helpless and defenseless. Her eyes showed a cold look that with that grin could rip anyone’s soul from their body. Thomas, confused, but still babbling “Oh Debby! I missed you so much! Here come with me!” He offered her his hand.
Debby quickly reacted and broke the string with a quick tug. She looked up with a different face now. She looked and saw a face of familiar student. She saw the joy in his eyes, the upbeat happy spirit she had always admired. She looked in happiness seeing a proverbial, blissful face in this desolate, unforgiving, lonely world and it only got worse when the outbreak hit. Right when her body was going to respond, her trap did its job and dropped a make shift spear made out of sharpened coat hangers and metal bars. The spear pushed its way through the skull, ripping and tangling pieces of brain as it pushed through the roof of Thomas mouth and through his tongue. It finally came to a bloody halt after existing his jaw. This was after 3 inches of steal and broken pieces of plastic pushed out of the exit wound. Thomas felt to the floor limp, and motionless. Flesh and blood stained the floor a darker shade of blue than its previous color.
“Oh god, NO!” Debby let out a sad cry, for she knew she would never see those joyful eyes again…

Ok, so you couldn’t have planned for that…
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ABigSoggy Wafle
ABigSoggy Wafle
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