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Post  ABigSoggy Wafle on 18th October 2009, 11:59 pm

“Help me you son of a-…” Steve’s final cry for help was cut short. Thomas picked up the gun as if everything was in slow motion. He had never been more relaxed and clear headed in his life. He pulled the trigger without even aiming, really. The kick back of the gun went away after 8 shots were fired and the cascading blood finally hit the ground and exploded and rippled into a puddle that seeped into the crevasses of the tiles. Steve opened his eyes for, what seemed like, his last look at light before being pulled down into the never ending darkness. By his surprise, he had one arm over Thomas’s shoulder and was being pulled at an alarming rate. Thomas’s short legs were moving at so fast there were almost completely blurred. His face was staunched and pained. He looked forward as he was practically thrown into the dark space. His eyes opened to see Jill’s tender face talking to him but, he couldn’t hear. The ringing in his ears had completely taken over his hearing. The ringing finally stopped just in time to hear Jill demanding that we get out of here to me.
“Come on! Let’s go!” she was screaming at the top of her lungs and franticly pointing towards the hole in the wall.
“She wants me to try and fit into the ventilation system?!” Steve thought but willingly pushed his broad shoulders through the hole.
Thomas stood there in the darkness but Gary knew he was there.
“Come on kid! You best be kiddin me! Get ova here!” Gary’s thick “n'awlins” accent passed right through Thomas as he stood there. The distant rumbling started to grow again. A small sob came out of the dark. It struck Gary’s last nerve. “GET YO’ FUCKING ASS OVA HERE!”
Mark walked quickly over to Thomas and his loose Brooklyn accent started to scream out at Thomas. Thomas was being pulled into the light by Mark’s short body. Gary’s eyes widen and let out a faint word.
“No…” he whispered. “No, no, no, NO!” he started to scream repeating himself over again. Thomas stood in the light, head down, tears falling. His arm, pale; his pupils, gone; his breathing, almost completely stopped.
“I don’t care if you’re turning into Jesus! You’re coming with us!” Marks high winey voice cried.
“I came so far… For what? To be infected just like the rest of them…” Thomas was practically in a full on sob. Mark gave him a shiner and screamed.
“GET AHOLD OF YOUR SELF! Maybe the barium will fight it off before you become fully infected. Either way we aren’t leaving you. Now get in the…” he paused long enough to hear the rumbling right outside the metal door. Then a loud bang broke the silence. “Shit, they are trying to break down the door!” Mark shrieked.
Gary had planned for something like this. He had a plastic C4 explosive for situation just like this. He opened his front coat pocket. He quickly attached the termite and glycerin to concrete walls by the door and attached the fuse. “GET YOUR ASSES IN THERE!” he screamed as he put his lit cigarette on the end fuse wire. Thomas looked confused as to why this guy had explosives, but pushed on other words. He felt like he forgot something but pushed on as the explosion was bound to set off.
The three quickly rushed through the vent as an ear popping explosion nearly shattered their ear drums. The vent shook and felt like it was going to give loose. Fire started to pour into the small vent. There was a turn only a few feet down, but the fire was gaining quickly. Gary was in the back fighting to get up further but it seemed useless. Thomas and Mark made it pass the turn and found the open shaft hole below. Gary started push harder and harder.
“Come on! You can make it!” Mark screamed down the narrow tube. Gary, now screaming from the intense heat of the vent floor burning his hands, made his last final stride and he made the turn and fell down the shaft and on to a cold sack of beans. Gary looked up with a relieved and happy look until he saw Dian, face buried by her hands, crying. Gary had a strange felling and looked up. A flaming corpse flew the vent opening and just missed Gary.
"HOLY FUCKING JESUS FUCK CHRIST!" Jill's voice streaked. After a few seconds, everyone knew who it was. Immediately, Jill rushed over to Dian.
"I am so sorry! I really am! Please look up! I know it is hard but please!" Jill, being the not very "touchy feely" begins to reach her arm over Dian's arched forward back.
"Wait... Dian. I need you to look up and tell me that you miss him. No no no no.... Shhh... it is ok. Just for a second. Look up at me! Please Dian!"
She didn’t seem to be… there. She was distant and had a blank stare on her face. She stood up and blood started to drip from her wrist. Gary took one last look at her and asked her something that seemed strange at that moment.
“Do you miss your husband?” Gary said looking for confirmation. She stood there looking the same. She then seemed to break free from her trance and look angrily towards Gary. Her arms flew backward nearly missing Jill. She exploded into a rush towards Gary. He planned for this… Gun ready he pulled the trigger as her head exploded like a piñata at child’s birthday party.
Jill finally broke down. She got to her knees and cried. Watching someone die is gruesome in itself. Watching someone that you could have saved die is a whole other level of grief. And once again, the ringing was back. And now the cold room made the blood drying on your skin even more uncomfortable. Gary settled next to Jill for a moment.
Thomas looked at Gary sorting out what had just happened. He looked down at the body before he spoke. Thomas had just noticed the blood stains on her ribs and on shoulder. They were heavy and looked fresh. Gary noticed his suspicion and stood up. He lifted the side of her shirt. A red gauss bandage was tapped down. Gary ripped off the tape to inspect the wound. It was partially healed but, looked cut open again from the recent activity.
“Anybody else have any bites?” Gary asked in a stern tone. The room was almost completely silent aside from the humming vents, Jill's sniffling, and the gravel sifting in the other room. “Lucky she had dat bleedin cut or you motha fuckas woulda been zombie food!”
“What the fuck was that about back there Tom?” Mark asked breaking the silence that fell after Gary’s last comment.
Thomas didn’t answer.
“Well?” Mark looked worried. "Tom PLEASE don't make me do this! You can't fuck around right now ALRIGHT?!" He was getting choked up in his voice. "I can't watch another person die!" He was trying to hold back the tears.
Thomas looked at the ground and back up again. Thomas managed to mutter a one word.
“Run…” his raspy voice carried itself through each of the survivor’s ears giving an odd chill that slowly crept over each of them.
Jill looked perplexed and very concerned. Her crying stopped and she stood inching closer.
Thomas shook his head his breathing was slowing and became shallower.
“If we leave now those giants could still be out there!” Mark said trying to reason with Thomas.
"But *gasp* you can't stay here *gasp*. I am bound to turn *gasp* soon." His voice sounding sickly.
"We will have to take our chances. Plus you aren't nearly as big as those guys... and you-..." Gary's voice quieted as he finished his statement.
"You haven't turned."
"So?! Isn't that vaccine suppose to *gasp* do that?"
"It's not that. You exhibit distinct side effects of the virus yet you haven't changed." Suddenly Gary's eyes widen and he became enthralled by his own thoughts. He then murdered something to himself and cracked his cold face with a wide smile.
The group stood in shock. His personality had made a complete change. Gary put his hand in his coat pocket and whipped out a leather casing for a badge. “Agent Moss, FBI.” He stated showing his ID and badge.
“What the fuck?!” Steve screamed and winced back at his wounds.
“Explanations are due later; right now we need to make a decision now! The more preparation time the better. ”

Decision #2 (good job making it this far!)

1. Get out now. The "tanks" are far enough away to avoid them.
2. Barricade the door and stay in the fridge for the night
3. Wait till night and try and sneak out.
ABigSoggy Wafle
ABigSoggy Wafle
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