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The Doctor Shao Diaries 29-30

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The Doctor Shao Diaries 29-30

Post  Zomando on 24th October 2009, 1:27 pm


We've spent a week preparing for what Marcus has called "War". In that time we've gained some supplies, three survivors, and some "training". And to be honest, if I didn't receive that "training", I would actually be worried about going outnumbered against highly trained soldiers. Thanks Marcus, thanks a lot. It was a Saturday morning, and Lance, Marcus, and I were in the kitchen sharing some quality time. Marcus handed me a cigarette, but I never had one before. Well, I thought, there's a first time for everything, and there's no better time to start then now. It was quite relaxing, actually. I looked up from my cigarette to see Lance he seemed nervous. Marcus walked over to him and gave him a reassuring rub of the shoulder.

"Follow me." he said in his naturally hoarse voice as he walked upstairs. When we got to second floor, we saw him standing in front of the bathroom with what looked like make-up and an electric razor in his hands.

"We're gonna wear make-up?" Lance jokingly asked. Marcus just gave him a stern look.

"Make-up? Fuck no. War Paint. We have to intimidate the enemy. If it worked in 'Nam, it'll work here. Also, shave that mop, Lance. You look like a fucking hippy." Lance, who looked like one that was fond of his hair, walked into the bathroom sadly. About 5 minutes later, he walked out like a man. He came out with his head was completely shaved, a series of painted black patterns on his face, and a pair of expensive aviator sunglasses. "You're up, JB." He said.

While in the bathroom, I took a good look at myself, and it made me think. How long have I actually made it? How long have I survived? Others have died in the first weeks, but not me. But to be honest, I was scared. I was nervous, and I was fucking terrified. With the razor in hand, I put it to my head, and I shaved away my fear. I saw it fall to the ground and sink. I was left with only a small layer of hair, and part of my beard. I then added the war paint. Two long black strips laid fearless under my eyes. I opened the door to see the two men waiting outside. Marcus nodded to me, and I nodded back. He marched into the bathroom and shut the door, as I sat on the ground and thought to myself. Minutes later, the one called "Magic Man" emerged from the bathroom with a war-painted, and a fearsome mo-hawk.

When we got back downstairs, we saw the others were waiting. Sitting on the couch, Earl drank a beer while he stared at us uncomfortably. We found him limping away from a flaming 18-wheeler. I could tell that he didn't feel at home at all. The other two, Arhol and Joshua, were sitting at the table conversing. Marcus took a long look at each of us and started his speech.

"Well, take a look at how far you've come. You are pretty goddamn special to have made it this far, but there is something in your path. The men on the bridge. The little toy soldiers. I will tell you now that some of them will die and some of us will die, but that's just how war plays out. So, are you fuckers ready for WAR?" We all nodded silently. "Good, when we break through the barricade, we will proceed to JB's safehouse." We all scrambled downstairs. The others ran to the walls to pick up there weapons, but I did not. I was fine with my katanas, surgical knife, and pistol. We all hopped into the APC. From the inside, it looked like a fucking spaceship. When all the weapons and supplies were loaded up, we were ready. The garage door slowly opened, and Lance, behind the wheel, started the tanks and backed out. I was never really a religious man, but I prayed at that moment. I prayed long, and I prayed hard.

This is WAR.


No one said a word on the way there. We were completely silent except for the sound of the engine. After what felt like a half an hour, Marcus broke the silence. "Alrighty, we're approaching the bridge now." This is it, I thought, The moment of truth. We all loaded our guns and waited. I adjusted myself so I could see through the windshield. "Alright, I'll get the gun. Lance, get ready..



The engine roared as we flashed towards the bridge. We saw the turrets begin to fire, and Marcus just shot back with great force. We got closer to the barricade. The loud tinging sound of bullets exploded all around. Closer and Closer. Lance let out a fearsome cry as we smashed through the concrete barricade. We sped down the road swerving. When we approached the toll booths, Lance lost total control. We ran straight into one of the booths. I fell to the ground with great force. When I opened my eyes, I saw Joshua limping away from the APC. He didn't survive long. He was shot to the ground by a hail of bullets. When I turned around, I saw Lance rubbing his head. He turned around to see an RPG hanging on the APC wall. He took it and walked out of the tank. I watched him very closely. I then saw a helicopter hovering towards us, and Lance took aim. He let out a cry heard all around the city.

"VENGEANCE!!!!!" he cried.

The rockets curved through the air and crashed through the cockpit windshield, and fire paraded in the sky. It fell to the ground as he helped Marcus, Earl, and Arhol back into the APC. We sped off into Algonquin. Once again, it was silent, and once again, Marcus broke the silence.

"Victory." he said quietly to himself.

We returned to the parking facility unharmed, well, except for Joshua. Brennan's eyes widened as he saw a big black tank come rolling down the ramp. They introduced themselves to the rest of the group, and I explained what happened to the others. We unpacked the APC and we got settled.

You may read this thinking the "War"" is over. Is it? A war like this is never over. We can only sit and wait, or we can do something about it. But until my chance comes..

I'm waiting.
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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries 29-30

Post  Cry Vengeance on 24th October 2009, 1:36 pm


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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries 29-30

Post  DeadApe on 25th October 2009, 4:35 pm

Best story ever.

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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries 29-30

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