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Adam's Journal - Part 1

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Adam's Journal - Part 1

Post  JooJooKaJoo on 6th November 2009, 10:34 am

My first Story. Criticism is accepted Smile.


Hour 5
Writing in my brand new journal. Im heading off to another boring day at the office. I'd like to quit, but i need the money. I'm barely scraping by as it is. Hope to get that new promotion. That outta help out a bit. Damn bob keeps stealing the spot light. Jeez...sometimes i wish he would just die, but then again that would be mean. AHH! What did big bro say again? Oh right "MAN UP!". What does he know anyway.

Hour 6
Got to the office a few minutes ago and once again Bob steals the promotion! I really need a raise...

Hour 6
Nothing new right now. Hopefully when i get home there'll be something good on T.V.

Hour 19
Back at home. Cracked open a beer, laid back on the sofa, and now i'm watching some good o'l football. Hopefully tomorrow will be exciting. Aw who am i kidding, tomorrow is going to be just like everyday. Go to work, bob gets praised, come home, watch T.V. and sleep.

Day 2

Hour 5
Got to work a little earlier today. Hope i can impress the boss today.

Hour 7
Rumors going around of some kind of virus, killing people and putting a lot more in the process. Personally, i don't believe it. But something about Jenny today just didn't seem right. She was really pale.
Hope she didn't catch that "Disease."

Hour 9
Only a few more minutes till my shift is over. Jenny went home sick. She was coughing blood! I don't think she'll come back for awhile.

Hour 19
SHIT!! Jenny came back to work as i was punching out. She bit the security guard! He started to twitch and shake like he had rabies or something. Jenny was strapped down by some guys in Hazmat suits. Jeez what is going on!

Day 3

Hour 6
No ones here....and its almost time for the rush. Where is everyone? Everything is normal outside but when i entered this office building...i felt...i felt weird. Something is making my skin crawl and i don't like it.

Hour 7
WHAT THE FUCK!! Something crashed into the top office when i went outside! Fire fighters, police, hell even fucking CEDA are here! What the hell is going on! Not sure why im writing all of this in a journal, but i have a feeling that tomorrow, i may not be alive.

Day 3

Hour 8
Something is going on. I just looked out the window and saw the fucking Military! What are you hiding from us CEDA?!

Hour 13
Ok, i don't know what's going on but i don't like it. CEDA AND the Military are here. And they blocked of the roads towards the office. They have to be looking at that thing that crashed into the top floor. I still have some small pieces of glass in my leg.

I don't run fast.

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Re: Adam's Journal - Part 1

Post  Zomando on 6th November 2009, 5:38 pm

Nice. Just work on a little grammar and spelling.

Once you get into some Zombie Matches or Zombie Roleplays, you'll have more stuff for your story.
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