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Post  BoomerSooner742 on 3rd February 2010, 12:40 am

WAR. War is a need. It has been since the beginning of time.The first nomadic herders killed each other over food. When Vikings killed helpless victims. When Germany and Japan tried to conquer the world to insure their future with might. Wars sometimes dont even have fighting in them like the Cold War a war over Technology.

But humans always fought the same enemy humans. Until one day a darkness spread over the land that brought death and life. It came to be known as "The War" because know war had ever killed as many, destroyed as many.

No country or continent had survived. In the frantic speed of the moment the leaders of countries ignitated a nuclear war that killed everything that was not in the ground. Killing more than the infection had. When the survivors came to their once green planet they saw not death but nothing. They saw all their past lives.

The leaders soon found out they did not destroy the infection in what they called "The Purge" . They had simply mutated some of the infected making them more dangerous. Some became Heros out of the ground some Demons controlling the weak. So these two groups went to war but more like a free-for-all in a lawless wastleland. These are there stories
Zombies dun like meh.

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