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"THE WAR'' DJ part 2

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"THE WAR'' DJ part 2

Post  BoomerSooner742 on 5th February 2010, 12:33 am

As daniel wayed his options, he seemed nervous and undecided, until he decided two allies was better than one. So as he looked in Walt's dark brown eyes he pulled the trigger slamming into his chest throwing him too the ground. As Walt took his last breaths, Kaiden and James stood over him. Kaiden muttered something and spit in his face, then James slowly reached for Walt's pistol, which lay covered in Walt's blood. Kaiden then slammed his boot on his windpipe snapping it into two. As Walt gasped for air the colonel shot, blowing the right side of his head off, then Kaiden kicked him one more time and broke his neck.

" You did a good thing boy" the Colonel said," That guy was damn fool". " Ya, guess so" Daniel said. The men talked and weighed their options. James soon told them about the outside world, the infection , bombs. Thats the last he heard. They gathered supplies and went to the long metal door that had seperated them from the world for two years.

As the door opened up the heat engulfed them. The strongest heat Daniel had experienced in 1 minute in his life. Their vision was blurred badly by the scorching sun. But they soon adjusted. James told them about the nearby town said they should check it out.

After about an hour they found a town, or half a town, it was badly blown to shit by an explosion toppling taller buildings. The town seemed deserted broken skeletons lay on the streets. A mass of broken cars lay in the town square. A sign also read Welcome To Kings Cro... the rest of the sign broken off. It was late in the day so James told them to rests down and find a spot. Kaiden soon wandered off as Daniel sat and thought about the day.

It was when he was rolling out his sleeping bag when two cold barrels stuck against the back of his head. " Dont move" a mans voice said. Then a powerful blow came to the back of his head, like that of one when he sat in a bar once. He was knocked out before he hit the ground.

He woke up being stood up in between Kaiden and James, James with a bad cut over his left eyebrow that covered the whole side of his face with blood. 7 shadowy figures stood before them. With their gear and weapons behind them. " Who are you?" the one in front said as Daniels vision fully returned. He was an old man with a long white beard. " We are the U.S marines" said James. " Ah soilders without an army" said the man. " Who are you?" said Kaiden. " My name is Kel" he said. " I already know your names" Kel said. " Me and the group im with are on a journey" he said. I could use men like you or I could use your supplies"said Kel. You have know army to serve so you are know like mercanaries". He said.

As they continued to talked Daniel noticed a girl behind Kel she was one of the beautifulest girls Daniel had seen in his life. She wore the same clothes the others wore but was clean and did not of dirt caked on her face. Kel then gave them a choice. Go with the group and protect them to their destination or give them their supplies and go seperate ways. Everyone had there own choice and James and his lapdog Kaiden decided to go and protect the group they could not live without supplies.


(A) Go with the group.

(B) Go solo, leaving your supplies.
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Re: "THE WAR'' DJ part 2

Post  Dexta117 on 5th February 2010, 1:42 am

I want to go with the group.
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Re: "THE WAR'' DJ part 2

Post  windtalker006 on 5th February 2010, 4:14 am

go with the group, way things seem Daniel and that girl may hook up lol

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Re: "THE WAR'' DJ part 2

Post  eaustinn36 on 5th February 2010, 10:30 pm

I 3rd that. Stick with the group.

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Re: "THE WAR'' DJ part 2

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