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The outbreak chapter 3

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The outbreak chapter 3

Post  Kush Befor Dusk on 14th April 2010, 9:19 pm

Once the openingwhere the stairs had been had been closed up, we started moving a dresser from one of the bedrooms and moved it, and the bed from the room and put it over the closed opening for extra protection. We had brought up enough food with us to last for about a day or two. But eventually were going to have to go downstairs. " Dont worry about food, we have a good amount of food and water, and it shouldnt take the military more than a few days to start evacuating people anyway." said joey. "God help us." said bill. "This isnt god doing this, this is our doing. Its our fault." said sarah. " How is it our fault?" i screamed.

"Do you remember that law, I cant remember what its called but it bans people from using biological warfare?" she asked, "yes" i replied. "I dont think that stopped the government from researching it. Ive heard alot of rumors of test facilities in hidden spots throughout the mountains in B.C, maybe this is what they were working on." "Whatever, its time to rest, were safe in here for now, and we should just wait until something comes on the Emergency broadcast on the T.V. Lets go to sleep."

I awoke to the sound of not screaming, or moaning, but a mix of both, was michael alive again? I didnt think it was possible, I shot him in the head, so what was that noise? All of a sudden there came another, and another, and another. There must have been at least 6 downstairs. They were beating on the boarded up opening in the stairs. They were trying to get in. After I woke everyone up the noise stopped. We looked at the boards. They werent hitting it any more, but pushing on it trying to get it to open. That wasn't going to happen with the dresser and bed frame over top of it. You could hear their wrists breaking from pushing so hard on the wood.

All of a sudden the television buzzed to life, there was a message on the screen playing over and over, it was different from before. It read:

All citizens living in the following locations need to leave the area immediately: Edmonton, Spruce grove, Stony plain, Morinville, Onoway, and Alberta Beach. These areas or high risk areas and military has lost control and is leaving the area for the safety of our troops, We have an evacutaion center In the following locations in each town. The one under Onoway read: UFA gas depot. Evac leaves at 7:00am.

"Thats just 7 blocks from here! We need to go now if we want to get out of here. We only have an hour before it leaves!" Bill said. "well how the fuck do you expect to get outta here with the stairs broken and boarded up?" she yelled. "one second" joey said. He got up and went to my bedroom. He went to the window and smashed it with the baseball bat sitting in the corner. " God damnit joey that window slides open you idiot!" I said " now those people downstairs probably heard that!"

As if right on time, we all heard the infected people scream at the top of their lungs. I grabbed a Shotgun, one of the small glocks, and took Joey's baseball bat. Joey took A hunting rifle and a hunting knife, Bill took a Scary looking revolver out of his bag, and holstered it at his side, and took out his semi auto. Sarah just took the other little glock and kitchen knife from under my bed for when i was making a bong. Me and joey took the straps off my 2 guitars and made slings over it and attached our melee weapons too them and lung them over our shoulder. As we did this we climbed out the window onto the roof, time to go.
Kush Befor Dusk
Kush Befor Dusk
I type in my sleep

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Re: The outbreak chapter 3

Post  Kush Befor Dusk on 15th April 2010, 12:42 am

please note that i am trying to make my writing skills better and come up with more exciting parts to the stories so any constrcutive critisizm is good
Kush Befor Dusk
Kush Befor Dusk
I type in my sleep

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Re: The outbreak chapter 3

Post  Jagdgeschwader on 15th April 2010, 2:25 am

Remember that anytime a new person speaks it is a new paragraph. It should look something like this.

"Hey" I said.
"How are you?" He said back.
"I'm fine."
The Unknown Soldier

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Re: The outbreak chapter 3

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