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MW2 zombies - Ruleset by Cazio

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MW2 zombies - Ruleset by Cazio

Post  Cazio117 on 14th July 2010, 6:25 pm

Modern Warfare 2 Zombie Night

This is a basic overview of the game mode/rules.
Two teams: Zombie & Survivor.
Maps: Mainly big ones Depends on the amount of players.

Zombie Rules:

The zombie team starts off with one or two players (Depending on the size of the lobby)
You can only use your standard issue knife, No tactical Knives, Throwing knives just the basic knife. Zombies also cannot use Riot Shields. Zombies can use most perks I'll list the ones they cannot use.
They can use pretty much all the other perks but Marathon Pro, Lightweight Pro and Ninja would probably be better for the zombie team.

Survivor Team

Survivors can pretty much use anything apart from
-Noob Tubes
-One Man Army

the Surviving team will be given objectives (not always) IE: Survive for 8minutes and then reach a certain area with your team intact. There will also be recovery missions where some of the team moves out of there barricade zone to retrieve certain intel
For example: 6 Survivors 2 go on a recovery mission, They must reach a certain area in the map and then defend that area (by them selves) for atleast a minute and then have to head back to base with the intel.

We do a few scenarios throughout the game but they will all be explained in the lobby.

Now we had this problem the other night, Survivors where using certain glitches like the roof glitch on the high rise, This is not allowed, If anyone is caught using glitches or really really hard places to get to on certain maps then they may be kicked.
If your not sure what's considered a "Really hard place" well, If your on a roof top that the only way a zombie could get to you is by getting on the rooftop and jumping over to you then that would be a hard place, Obviously you need a place you can defend easily, But using places that are next to impossible to get to (if your a zombie) ruins the game.

How you play is up to you, You can go rambo or stick to the group, Be advised that people who solo always end up becoming a human happy meal. I'd suggest sticking to the group and covering each other.

So that's about it really. As this is a fairly new game mode some rules may change in game so don't complain if this is the case. All rules that are made will be posted up here after the game.

Edit: When a survivor is killed by a zombie they must switch to the Zombie team.
To get an invite send Cazio78 a message with "Mw2 Zombies" in the text on the specified date.

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Re: MW2 zombies - Ruleset by Cazio

Post  xxCURVEDxBullet on 11th July 2011, 3:48 am

when will u do this again?

I don't run fast.

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Re: MW2 zombies - Ruleset by Cazio

Post  VrAzZLe Meister on 11th July 2011, 5:05 pm

Sounds pretty fun. Very Happy
VrAzZLe Meister
VrAzZLe Meister
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Cry Owes Me A Custom Title

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Re: MW2 zombies - Ruleset by Cazio

Post  KSI Quick Reload on 1st September 2011, 9:45 am

im down anytime ill hit you up on live if you hostin it anytime and mynster take that crap off playing ladies night out oen time doesnt mean anything lol
KSI Quick Reload
KSI Quick Reload
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Re: MW2 zombies - Ruleset by Cazio

Post  x Swiftyy v on 1st September 2011, 2:32 pm

Cazio, this sounds like a really good Game. consider me up for it anytime you host this Could you possibly host this tomorrow?

x Swiftyy v
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Re: MW2 zombies - Ruleset by Cazio

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