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Survivors Book

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Survivors Book

Post  LightXxShadowxX on 1st August 2010, 12:57 am

Survivor Book Niko Bellic:

First Day:i see roman running but i dont know why i ask him why and he tell me: Assasins
i tell: jajajaja roman you are stupid you need a gun (Smile) and then in the news a reporter tell this:go to the police station now please and then me and roman we get in the car we go to find packie jacob and we tell this to kate brucie and all my friends and friends of packie go faster to the police station and then in the police station we see 59 people but then someone enter with a knife and he tell there are Something like monsters out and 1 cop go out but i dont enter anymore......

Second Day:in the police station are 500 people in other police stations are full and the other emergency buildings are full or empty i dont know packie go to get some food but the police station is empty we have guns medikits but we dont have food packie come to the police station at 9:00 PM but i dont want tell that he come with a bit of blood on the clothes and he attack other people the cops kill him i tell kate he cry very much .... roman too...... jacob he pick a gun and he tell the cops for what you kill him bastards i tell:jacob sit down dont do that
and then comes the scary part the news tell this:houndred of people killed by monsters the monsters are like people and are like zombies.....

Third Day:we go to Los Santos but we back very very faster houndred of people killed but when i come to liberty city with roman and jacob the monsters take over the city i pick a gun and kill some monsters roman find a car and jacob go to find help i kill very much monsters but when i kill 1 come 5 monsters i dont have very much time

Escape Day:i dont write when roman i dont want remember kate all the people my friends why why i see the news and a helicopter will come in 5 hours but i dont have a car and the city is full of monsters im in my house i lock the door but someone hit the door again and again i will go to see who is a mmonster tack me i dot see very god te tings i write in my bok i feel bad i fel lik im losig my mind kill atack i ned eat i ne______________________________________________________________________________________________
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Re: Survivors Book

Post  LightXxShadowxX on 1st August 2010, 12:59 am

sorry for my bad english and very stupid story and very short Very Happy please move the post to a off topic or a thing to create storys
I don't run fast.

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