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Dead City Survival

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Dead City Survival

Post  Kush Befor Dusk on 26th December 2010, 11:26 pm

This is an idea ive been thinking of for a while, but as of now its just an idea, i want to try this, and get some CONSTRUCTIVE critisizm. Thanks.

you live in liberty city. Much of the population was killed by infection, but you are one of the survivors. youve made it this far, but now as the population of infected drops in rapid succession due to starvation, you now come to realise something else. Noone is coming to help you. as a survivor you must make your way around the abandoned city trying to find refuge, supplies, and a way to stay alive.

In dead city survival you must create a character, when you make one you must pick one of the classes that i have set up that i will be posting along with the rules later on. after you pick a class, you must create a personalized character with: a back story, weight, height, build, and one of the perks that i will be posting up later as well. when you do this, you have your character.

Scavenging: similar to the ZRP style scavenging, i will have a set of items you may scavenge, i have a dice roller that i will use to determine what you have scavenged. when scavenging you must search a building, dumpsters, warehouses, anything you think might have something in them. When you want to scavenge, just like in ZRP you will call me and i will tell you what you have found.

when it comes to scavenging, i am going to have a list of the items available to scavenge and each item will have a weight. depending on your characters weight and height, sex, and class you may be able to carry more or less than other players.

This is meant to be a somewhat of a roleplaying game so if your going to be killing people all the time and for no reasons i will ask you to leave or be kicked.

you have unlimited amount of lives, but if you are killed whoever killed you gets all of what you had and you start back from scratch, if you are killed by the environment you still lose everything.


these are the classes that i have right now and you will be choosing from one of these.


Starts with:
weapons: none
Increased chance of finding items.
can not kill other survivors unless attacked first.

weapon: glock, knife
-Can claim any scavenged items from killed survivors as his or her own
-can kill civilians to steal from them

Police officer:
weapons: glock, body armor
-can drive one police cruiser if found for thirty seconds once every game
- cannot shoot civilians
- can shoot bandito's on site

weapons: desert eagle
-cannot attack ANYONE unless attacked first.
- can trade and barter for items with other players

these are the classes. you willl pick one to go for your class.

Perks: you will pick one of these for each of your characters.


Pack rat: ability to carry 50 pounds more than indicated in your characters weight.

Scavenger: higher chance of finding items inside buildings.

Gun nut: increased chances of finding weapons

Young Money: starts with a house to stay in, eliminating the threat of banditos while inside.

If you are caught with any weapons that you havent scavenged and or did not start with you will be warned and after that you will be kicked.

Homes and shelters: in this game you will want to have a shelter to stay in, be it a house or an abandoned parking garage or even a old warehouse. You can stay and rest in any building that is not a house at any time, but are susceptable to attack by bandits when doing so, the only way to completeley keep away from bandits attacking you is to have the young money perk which allows you to own a real house with a lock, not just an old building.

Other players: in your travels through the city, you will meet other players, depending on your class, you will interact with them accordingly.

other rules:
no cars, period.
no rpg's, period.
no killing out of character. you will be warned and kicked the second time.

example class:

Ryan Richards
125 LB's
build: muscular
Class: police officer
Perk: Gun nut.
Equipment: glock, body armor

rules are subject to change if people have good ideas

Kush Befor Dusk
I type in my sleep

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Re: Dead City Survival

Post  A Groovy Tophat on 27th December 2010, 12:47 am

Only major problem i see is that EVERYONE is going to make a character like fucking Terminator 6' 5" 200lb very very very muscular Bandito with gun nut. THATS WAAAAAAAAY TOO OVER POWERED. Other than that i think it works out pretty well, sounds like ZRP with only a few tweaks but still, sounds good.

Hope to play sometime when you have it all sorted out. Very Happy
A Groovy Tophat
A Tip Of The Hat

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Re: Dead City Survival

Post  Kush Befor Dusk on 27th December 2010, 1:56 am

theres no zeds haha
Kush Befor Dusk
I type in my sleep

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Re: Dead City Survival

Post  A Groovy Tophat on 27th December 2010, 2:20 am

well then.... this sounds pretty cool.
A Groovy Tophat
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Re: Dead City Survival

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