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Horizon's End

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Horizon's End Empty Horizon's End

Post  Bladewind23 on 9th February 2011, 2:05 am

The metallic sound of an empty rifle cartridge striking the ground echoed through the darkened tunnels. A click and then a loud clatter of an assault rifle against concrete. Slow footsteps turned into a rushing sprint. The sprint didn't stop for a half of a mile or more, still then the tunnels were the same, miles of abandoned catacombs.

A single figure was hardly visible, being lit up by the twilight seeping through the tunnel vents. Heaving and gasping for breath, his biggest effort was to stay quiet. It was to no avail, a stampede of incoherent running figures were heard, approaching at an alarming rate. Screaming, growling, disfigured creatures that were once human.

The man broke into another run, straining himself to escape from the terror that sought him. To his misfortune, the screams and growls still got louder. The man stumbled and slowed but refused to give up. Just one exit tunnel, he thought, just one, and the nightmare would end. His lungs and throat were burning and he stopped for a short time.

The sunken eyes of the Undead were visible in his mind, he saw them rushing, advancing, trampling over each other to reach him, the victim. They were relentless, piercing his very soul. He curled over, clutching his head and letting out a series of yells. Why wouldn't it end?

His feet refused to stay put, he took off once again, ignoring his body's cries for mercy. Where were they? Were they far? At his feet? He didn't dare to check, concentrating only on the darkness ahead. His hearing had gone aloft, followed by the feeling in his feet, then the legs, the numbness descended all over his body. Could it be much further?

He promised himself that he had seen the light ahead, that it wasn't an illusion. He picked up his pace, nearly tripping with every stride. The light grew brighter, and all at once he burst into the open air. He stared upon the land before him, a building-less wasteland. What the fuck is going on?

The far horizon lit up with orange shades, a bright fire from no source. The land began to sink, fall into nothing, approaching him at a great pace. He turned, towards the tunnel, the creatures that had hunted him were sprouting from it. They advanced, clawing, ever fruitlessly begging to claim him. A mob swarmed him to the ground, and the land fell out from under them all.

He opened his eyes, the alarm clock rang. He was covered in cold sweat, his mind had seen things that he couldn't possibly forget.

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Horizon's End Empty Re: Horizon's End

Post  BLACK SNOW 13 on 10th February 2011, 1:21 am

I like where this is going. :3
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