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Red Dead Zeds

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Red Dead Zeds Empty Red Dead Zeds

Post  cw147 on 1st May 2011, 3:34 pm

Before I begin I just want to say that Red Dead Zeds is possible. Don't shoot this idea down due to past games.

All humans start in either Armadillo, Chuparosa, or Blackwater. The starting point must be the same, for example you can not have half the human team in Blackwater and the other half in Armadillo.

Boundaries can be enforced (Ex. Only Cholla Springs, Gaptooth Ridge, etc)

Two starting zeds will wait outside the city limits of the chosen starting city until the game has started. Zeds can only use knifes.

Players are not allowed to leave the town until there are a pre-chosen amount of zeds (For example 5 or 6)

Humans can only use certain weapons that pertain to the zombie count

Class One Weapons (2 Zeds): Knife, fist, and throwing knives
Class Two Weapons (5 Zeds): Cattleman Revolver, Pump-action shotgun, Fire Bottle
Class Three Weapons (7 Zeds): Repeater Carbine, Schofield Revolver, TNT
Class Four Weapons (10 Zeds): Double Action Revolver, Springfield Rifle, Sawed off Shotgun
Class Five Weapons (LAST MAN): All Weapons allowed
*The weapon classes was based off a 12 player game, not 16. Weapon rules can be changed*

No Horses Allowed, NONE.
No Fast travels

Two Human Posse's (Posse's must merge once there is room for one big human posse)
One Zed Posse (Will have to become two once the game advances)
When a human is killed by a zed they must switch to the Zed posse

I am aware of NPC Lawmen that will come after a player once they kill another player 5 times. To counter this you just have to believe..... In a Roleplay perspective the Lawmen just see you killing people. They have no idea that these "people" are actually the undead. If a bounty is placed on your head and an NPC kills you, you must switch to Zeds. This causes humans not to kill all the zeds due to fear of a bounty.

Any death as a human switches you to Zeds (Friendly fire is debatable)

As for skins... Well I think that skins are not a problem and players can pick their own skin. This rule can be changed but I don't think all zeds should have the same skin.

Rules can be changed if you wish

I don't believe I've forgotten anything but comment or send my GT, CW147, a message if you're interested in helping me with this.
Please leave any criticism about these rules. I just think that RDR Zeds can work and it should be played soon, what with summer coming up.

I don't run fast.

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Red Dead Zeds Empty Re: Red Dead Zeds

Post  DeadApe on 1st May 2011, 3:52 pm

I am willing to try this again however I am not convinced that this will work.

You can refer to this topic for our attempt at Red Dead Zeds http://www.undead-xbox.com/t4037-red-dead-redemption-zombies-how-to-set-it-up-and-the-rule-set

There are a ton of problems with this.

1. The amount of time and effort it takes to set this up is not worth the playtime.
2. The whole Law Enforcement thing is annoying and stupid, no matter how you want to imagine it.
3. Zombies lock on to eachother.

and we haven't done this in a while but I know it was chock full of issues.

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Red Dead Zeds Empty Re: Red Dead Zeds

Post  cw147 on 1st May 2011, 3:58 pm

I'm aware that there are many problems with Zeds on RDR. But its just like you said, there hasn't been a Red Dead Zeds game in a long time.
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Red Dead Zeds Empty Re: Red Dead Zeds

Post  BOBBY BOCCE on 1st May 2011, 8:53 pm

couldn't this be hosted in free mode? that way the zombies could join a posse and there wouldn't be a small amount of time to fit the game into. And if you have the undead nightmare pack, there are zombie multiplayer skins you can use.
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Red Dead Zeds Empty Re: Red Dead Zeds

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