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Corpse Diary Empty Corpse Diary

Post  STUNTMAN1TY on 22nd November 2011, 11:09 pm

-March 14, 2012
Danny here, I ran out of pages in my old journal so I had to switch to this newer one. It's sad that my first entry has to be so negative, kinda gives me a bad vibe. It's been a looooong day here at Astley Designs. The boss keeps on getting on my case about the last few shipments of our tech. Just because i'm the manager of the shipping department, doesn't mean i'm the one to be blamed if our drivers can't get through these damned areas plagued with that damned flu! Now I have another fucking mess to deal with...This flu is bad for business.
-March 15, 2012
From bad to worse, there was an accident involving one of our drivers down by Mayfair, and once again, it's MY fault. This is gonna cost me my job for sure, if skipper didn't have such a bad head cold, i'm sure he would've let me have it. I hope Mick's okay though, from what I heard the crash was kinda rough, our trucks aren't built for head-on collisions with ambulances....I smell lawsuits for lunch tomorrow and Mick's gonna be out with an injury....
-March 16, 2012
This week is making me want to fucking commit! I can't stand this goddamned company! First it's the deliveries, then it's Mike, now we can't even get a truck out of the city! I can understand banning the shipments of food and drinks because of the made case of swine flu going around, but computer equipment?! No, flu viruses do not spread through manufactured items in SEALED packages, we should at least be able to cross a few bridges with this crap..... And the best part is, since the big man himself is out sick, I'm left in charge to take the heat! Shit really does roll downhill....
-March 25, 2012
It's been a while since I've been able to write, there's a lot on my plate lately. The boss finally came in yesterday, after leaving me with a stress-filled week of sorting out these....accidents. He was acting kinda strange, he wasn't his usual hot-headed self, and his face was pale. I guess he isn't feeling that much better after all, I saw him nearly fall to the ground about six or seven times when he was trying to drink form the water cooler. If that bastard gets me sick, he's gonna have to find another shipping manager because I'll sure as hell quit.
-March 27, 2012
People at work haven't been the same as usual, they all have a depressed, sickly vibe to them. Every time I try and conversate, they just grunt and walk away all sluggish and limp. I'm really feeling some hostility from my co-workers and this isn't alright. They can't ALL be sick with the flu can they? I'm gonna have to talk to the boss tomorrow to address this situation, because he hasn't done a thing since he got back.
-March 28, 2012
The fucking bastard attacked me in his office today, he hurled over the desk and tried to throttle me! I managed to get a few hits in and he bit my hand! I managed to get away and I ran out before my co-workers caused my death. What the hell's been going on? Do my co-workers hate me THAT much?! I know I'm a pain in the ass, but I didn't think I was that bad...the police line has been busy so one thing's for sure, I'm going home, locking my door, and taking a vacation after this event, then Astley Designs can say hello to my fucking lawyer!
-April 1, 2012
I haven't been able to contact anyone for days, not my co-workers, friends, lawyers, hell even my family hasn't picked up the phone and I'm beginning to get extremely pissed off, and a little frightened. Could the flu be causing this? Is this happening to anyone else?! I need to ask around, see what's up, but I'm definitely not going near those quarantine zones marked off all over the city, the last thing I want is to end up a vegetable like my co-workers.
-April 6, 2012
City's INSANE, flu spread all over the place, now they're all sick INFECTED had to run, people chased me. Bodies fell from windows, all over the streets, police are all deadUNDEAD!, and they all tried to kill me! Those things had black spots all over them, with yellow eyes and pale skin. Some of them had patches of skin MISSING from their faces and bodies. Had to survive FOUR DAYS out there, and I finally made it back to my house. One of them bit me again, got me good on my arm as I shoved him away, only survived by running on the rooftops of cars. I am scared shitless right now and i'm writing as fast as I possibly can before they gather at my front door, going to lock my doors and windows. God be with me.
-April 7, 2012
Just finished moving all of the furniture in front of every way into this house, I'm not sure how much longer I can last in this house, hopfully there's someone alive out there. For now I'm going to have to live off of the canned food and sealed drinks in my cuboard, it's the only way I can be sure I don't catch this flu. Glad I have that rifle my dad gave me for my birthday, that along with my Nine'll sure to help kill anything that comes close to me.
-April 8, 2012
Went to my basement and one of those bastards were down there, must've broke through the window I forgot to patch up. Glad the fucker's head came off as easy as it did, one swing with my flashlight and it died. IT DIDN'T DIE! I had just finished moving my food to the roof when I encountered him in the basement as I went for my rifle. I took one last look at my former home and closed the crawl space entrance, boarded it up, and climbed to the roof. Now I wait for the army... THEY'RE NEVER COMING
-April 9, 2012
BOOM! HEADSHOT! Got my first kill today, sucks to be my neighbor right now....at least the part that didn't explode into a bloody mess...He was the first of 50, since that's about how much ammo I have here, at least I won't be bored waiting for rescue HA
-April 11, 2012
I'm hearing gunshots throughout the city, I think I'm not the only person who's still alive down here, it's been a hell of a show from this rooftop. First of all, the infected aren't as slow as they were before, they look like they can run faster than a typical human now. I've noticed gunfire erupting from the streets below, and I saw a helicopter land on the roof of the hospital, a rescue maybe? IT CRASHED. Then I spotted an armored truck drive its way into the woods while being chased by those freaks. I also saw a boat drop four people off near a building only to be followed by about 2 plane crashes in the horizon. It's been an incredible night, definitely kept me somewhat entertained.
-April 12, 2012 IIII II
Bagged a few more kills today, it's hilarious watching them try to claw their way up here, these freaks are dumber than they look, and they don't seem to be any faster than a cripple. I was debating on climbing down and wandering to find survivors, but it's not like I'm running low just yet, and the military probably evacuated KILLED Most of the city already, it would only be a matter of time before they get to me, right? Wrong
-April 13, 2012 IIII IIII IIII
My bite wounds are starting to itch like fucking crazy. I don't know what kept me up longer, the moaning of those creatures, or the irritation of my cuts. The more I scratch the worse it gets, this is starting to gross me out, my skin is actually rotting off! This isn't good...
-April 14, 2012 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII OUT OF AMMO! Happy Birthday, Dad, if you're still out there and you find this journal, I want you to know I love you and I'm sorry for those things I said, you know I didn't mean it, it was just a stressful week and I couldn't take it anymore and I just snapped. I know I haven't exactly been there to support you and mom, but I just want you to know you're the only two people I can think about right now, and I love you. I'm so sorry and hope you can forgive me. -Love Danny
-April 15, 2012
Reality is starting to sink in: I'm infected with the virus and the military isn't coming. It must've been the bites I took, and I'm surprised I lasted this long. My body is slowly starting to decompose, I can feel the skin just peeling off, and my body itches. It's only a matter of time before more symptoms show. I can hear the military flooding into the streets of the main city, but it doesn't sound like a rescue, it seems more like a cleanup. If they are rounding people up, I probably wouldn't be allowed on board due to my bite marks. Looks like I'm beginning to turn, my train of thought is starting to fade, migraines getting worse. Hopfully someone finds this journal, because either way I'm fucked. Don't bother looking for me, you may not like what you find
-Apriele 92, 0212 Aprli 17, 200012
Feels sick, cold, can't seem to get warm. Hungry, I need more food Eyes are liquidy, am I crying? dying, dying, DYING. Room is spinny, must be drinking too much happy. Want friends food.
-Api 2000182
Kill dizzy want blood die kill eat? EAT Hunger. Feedry. Want now
Zombies dun like meh.

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Corpse Diary Empty Re: Corpse Diary

Post  oO Coggy Oo on 23rd November 2011, 1:50 pm

Thanks for writing that; it was fun to read.
oO Coggy Oo
oO Coggy Oo
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Corpse Diary Empty Re: Corpse Diary

Post  STUNTMAN1TY on 23rd November 2011, 4:08 pm

I had fun writing it, I'll post more stories as I come up with them
Zombies dun like meh.

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Corpse Diary Empty Re: Corpse Diary

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