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UX GTA Racing - NEW Rules and Regulations

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UX GTA Racing - NEW Rules and Regulations

Post  eaustinn36 on 27th December 2011, 1:15 am

Below are the rules and all the "need to knows" for UX GTA Racing. This may be updated at anytime, without prior or post notice. If you are a part of UX GTA Racing, it is your responsibility to know the rules.


Your Career:

UX GTA Racing is just like any other racing series. There will be regularly hosted events, as explained further below. Each event will have a corresponding "points" prize based on your position. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your own points, based on winnings, and transactions for "purchases" (explained later). If you try to cheat the system in any way, giving yourself extra points or cars, all of your stats (points AND vehicles owned) will be reset to zero.

**Everyone will start with zero points, and the first set of cars for the vintage class (including the Peyote, Virgo, Manana, and Voodoo). The first set of races will use the vintage car class only, and the rewards will be smaller. As the events progress, we will eventually move on to different classes, with bigger point rewards.

Rules of Racing / Penalties:

Rubbing or trading paint with another car is fine; it is competitive after all. However, that being said, any intentional smashing or wrecking of another persons car is prohibited; no one want to lose a race because someone intentionally shoved them into a wall, or rammed them as they were slowing down for a final corner.

IF you drive too aggressively, you will be kicked from the event, and any credits you have received that event will be voided; try to keep it as clean and professional as possible.

There is also absolutely NO DRIVING BACKWARDS for any reason whatsoever; if you do, harsh penalties will be imposed. First offenders will be ejected from the event, and have their entire garage reset to zero. Second offenders will be ejected from the event, and be banned from UX Racing; in other words, DON'T drive backwards, it's not worth it.

**Traffic will be turned OFF for all races, unless otherwise specified. Vehicle damage will also be ON, so drive carefully. The weather will vary.

There will be no races in "GTA Racing" (where you have guns), so there is no need for it to apply.

The Point System

The "point" is the main currency for GTA Racing; it is how you buy your cars and stay ahead of the game. Points can be redeemed at the "dealership" under the appropriate topic. There will be a brief intro on the top of the OP in the GTA dealership, so you know what to do. Whenever you wish to make a transaction, just post the car you want, the cost, and whether you are buying or selling it. DON'T SELL CARS THAT YOU DO NOT OWN; this is considered cheating. After each purchase, YOU are responsible for updating your points and cars in your own garage (and I will occasionally check in to make sure no one is cheating).

**All of the event results, with point rewards (based on finishing position) will be posted in the event topics original post. Since you are posting when you buy or sell a car also, everything will be documented.

Buying a car: You can buy any car from the list provided at any time, as long as you can afford it. Just remember, some upper-end classes will not be used at the beginning, so choose wisely. Also remember, you start with ALL of the vintage cars.

Selling a car: Have a car you don't want? Well you can sell it! Just be warned though, be careful when buying or selling a vehicle, making sure it is one you need or will use. If you choose to sell a car, you get 10% of the original cars value (so only sell it if you REALLY have to). For example, a car that costs 1000 points will sell for 100 points.

Exchanging Cars Player to Player: This is NOT allowed, and I will explain why. If someone is quiting UX Racing, they might give all of their credits to another player of choice, giving them an unfair advantage. To prevent this from happening, player to player point interaction is not allowed. HOWEVER, that being said, you can still do PINK SLIP races, for car rewards instead of point rewards (explained later).

About Events:

Events are broken down into 7 main official classes, some being "unoffical" (for fun, not points) classes:

Races - Just a regular race in liberty city, with a varying number of laps. This is done in the games "Race" mode. The better you place, the more points you'll get.

Knock-Out Tournament - Like regular races, but a series of them, eliminating more members from each one. It will be done all in one event. Only the top 3 people (in the final eliminator race) will win points for this. There will not be many of these, but for whoever wins them, it is a game changer.

Pink Slip Races - Not official events, but still for points. This is for player vs. player challenges. These races are done on their own time, and ALL of them must be witnessed by eaustinn36 for them to count. It can be on any track for any challenge, and the winner gets the losers car. However, to prevent "money transferring" (as mentioned earlier), the cars used MUST be in the same class (a comet can't race a voodoo).

Championship - There is only one, and can be only one. As displayed in the dealership, there is a heavy fee to enter, but it could be worth it. This will be done later in UX Racing, once everyone (or most) have a decent amount of money. The Championship race will be held once a minimum of 3 people have entered (but can be delayed a little is someone is close to being able to enter). Only podium finished receive points. 3rd place gets 250,000 points, 2nd place gets 500,000 points (their entry fee back), and 1st place gets 750,000 points, and a corresponding metal and site custom rank as "Undeadxbox Racing Champion".

Demolition Derby - All cars will be sent into the ring. You can only use cars that you already have. If your car is destroyed, you will NOT lose it from your garage (it is safe). Last car standing wins the points, there is no second place. If your car dies or catches fire, you are expected to STAY IN YOUR VEHICLES. Therefore, the winner will be the only BLIP left in the ring (since everyone else died). This is done in deathmatch.

Team Demolition Derby - Same as the regular Demolition Derby, only in Team Deathmatch, and everyone is divided into teams. The last team standing gets the points (divided among them). Divisions will be decided in the lobby.

Capture the VIP - This race type is purely for fun. There's a single VIP on the other side of Liberty City, and you have to get to him before everyone else does. The VIP is also in a car so you have to be one step ahead of everyone else. No one is allowed to leave their starting vehicle at any time (if you wreck it, your out). First one to touch the VIP wins.

Managing your Garage:

As mentioned above, YOU are responsible for updating it. For an example garage, see mine, and also look at the sticky topic in the "Garage" section.

(If you have any questions on the above, please PM eaustinn36)


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For the latest UX Events, be sure to check the events section: http://www.undead-xbox.com/f18-events
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