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The Innocent, the Traitors, and the Zombies.

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The Innocent, the Traitors, and the Zombies.

Post  Desert Sleepy on 25th February 2012, 7:18 pm

Boat Evac!

In case you don't feel like watching 8 minutes of relatively straight forward zombies, skip to six minutes in. After that, there's two relatively funny moments involving zombies boarding the boat.

It should be noted though that it is pretty fun gameplay, and there is some tense swarming action, as well as a self-sacrificial attempt at getting Resourceful.

Traitor and Super Traitor!

A game of Traitor, followed by a game of Super Traitor, which seems to be Traitor, but where there's only one traitor and he has RPGs.

The game was pretty fun, as I got to be a traitor again (the first round). If you just want to see the highlights, I'll list some.

It starts out with Super Mega King, my fellow traitor, interrogating Vrazzle to find out whether or not he's a communist. The first exciting moment comes at 3:30, when Bman finds our group (myself, Vrazzle, Super Mega King, NJ GUNNER, and DrDestroy). DrDestroy at one point gets knocked over by his car, and then starts asking him to get out at gunpoint. Bman responds negatively by shooting DrDestroy in the face and driving away.

Then, at 4:30, puttymon gets in Factionzz' (the other traitor) police car. Factionzz ends up spotting him, and killing him. Factionzz starts to leave the area, but is stopped by Super Mega King, who begins another investigation, with myself, Vrazzle, and Eaglendia spectating. Super asserts that killing puttymon was uncalled for, while Factionzz talks about how long it took for him to find a car. In the middle of his interrogation of Factionzz, Super Mega King shoots Vrazzle, who was directly behind Factionzz, in the face. I panic and shoot Eaglendia (I'm not sure if I was supposed to do that. My understanding of the game is that the host is a player, and Eaglenda hadn't told us he was a traitor in the message, so I shot him). With the remaining people in the area all traitors, we all go our separate ways.

At 5:45, I follow the sound of honking and shotgun blasts to underneath an under-construction bridge, and am nearly hit by several falling cars (and when I say nearly hit, I mean they come within about a foot of annihilating me). At 6:35, Kiwi pulls up to Super Mega King in his large truck. Shortly after, Bman and Factionzz arrive, and NJ GUNNER is somewhere nearby the group as well. Factionzz begins discussing the likelihood of Edd being a traitor. I decide that, seeing as it's myself and my two fellow traitors in a group with two non-traitors, now would be a good time to attack. It should also be noted that I had a combat shotgun and was a couple feet away from Kiwi and Bman, both of whom were in cars, making them lightly armed and easy targets. Anyway, I shoot Bman and Kiwi, but then I notice NJ GUNNER is in the area and hide while Factionzz kills him.

By 7:20, Eaglendia declares the end of the game, and the game goes into dicking-around mode, until Eaglendia asks us if we killed Edd (which we didn't). Super decides I should hide in the nearby Sprunk factory, and he'll pretend to have me cornered. From there, he'll call Edd and we'll all ambush him once he enters the factory. While the plan seems to be going smoothly, Edd decides at the last second not to go into the factory, and Factionzz kills him somewhere outside and off camera.

From there, it goes to Super Traitor, which doesn't take very long to play out (Vrazzle should have just killed someone with a normal gun from afar and led us all into a building).
Desert Sleepy
Desert Sleepy
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Re: The Innocent, the Traitors, and the Zombies.

Post  VrAzZLe Meister on 25th February 2012, 8:17 pm

In my defense, all of my rockets bounced away from SMK. : |
VrAzZLe Meister
VrAzZLe Meister
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Cry Owes Me A Custom Title

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Re: The Innocent, the Traitors, and the Zombies.

Post  Desert Sleepy on 25th February 2012, 8:40 pm

You did also damage me within an inch of my life (literally, if I had fallen another inch I'd have died). And probably also the Piemaster guy, since he got hit close and thrown far. So you got two kills, and two very near kills.
Desert Sleepy
Desert Sleepy
Meerkat Maniac

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Re: The Innocent, the Traitors, and the Zombies.

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