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The Mission Pt. 1

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The Mission Pt. 1

Post  patrickthekid95 on 17th April 2010, 1:53 am

July 17, 2007
10:30 AM

"Delta Squad, as you know we recently lost contact with Alpha after they went on a recon mission in Liberty City to investigate a new virus, that was 2 days ago. We have decicded to send you in and find out what happened to them,and stop this virus from spreading, you will leave tomarrow at noon so rest up.Good luck and God speed gentlemen.

July 18,2007
Liberty City
1:00 PM

"Alright men, spread out and secure the LZ, Jonas and Roberts with me." Lt. Smith ordered. Lt.Smith,Jonas and Roberts explored the surronding area for any signs of life,and were about to give up when they found a member of Alpha on the street."Where is the rest of your squad trooper" asks smith."Dead,scattered, I dont know,We split up to search the area when those things showed up, the rest of my team is dead,torn to bits."
Suddenly Smith noticed a large wound on the troopers leg and took him to a medic.
"Ok trooper let me get this straight, your team was attacked by people,they wouldnt die when shot with an entire M9 clip, and ate your team alive?" asks Smith."yes sir" said the trooper.

2 hours later Lt. Smith announced to his squad "Men, we have found out from the trooper from Alpha that a virus turned people crazy,they ate his team and are impoosible to kill,I have a past with these things and I barely survived,never thought I would have to go through it again.How many people know how to deal with zombies?"

Part 2 coming soon to a forum near you when ever I feel like writing it

Note: obviously im not the best story writer, but its also 1:00 in the morning and I cant sleep so I wrote this out of boredom
I don't run fast.

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