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First outbreak roleplay - Updated Rules

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First outbreak roleplay - Updated Rules

Post  Kush Befor Dusk on 10th August 2010, 3:08 pm

if there is interest in this just send me a message on xbl or comment on here, or both, i need at least close to a full lobby to actually host this. If you havent played before, i think it would be cool for people to try. And for new people, You CANNOT invite players that arent with undead xbox to play. This isnt for them. If there arent enough people i will host another time.

So i figure with this ill put up the official rules to this on here too.

so here they are : okay so now that we have tried this a few times we now have a solid rule set.

Survivors: -no guns ( except the 2 that i give a glock, they will be chosen by me in the lobby.)
- you will be trying to find the military who will be walking around trying to find survivors.
- when found you will be escorted to the safe zone which will be decided in lobby.
- If a soldier is killed DO NOT take his weapon.
- Once you are rescued and taken to the safe zone you will be able to grab a military weapon and you will then act as a soldier and try to rescue the rest of the survivors.
-if you become a zombie, you must have your knife out at all times. if you see a soldier you must run at him with your knife out and not say anything so they know you are infected.
-if you see military, WALK towards them and make sure they know that you are not infected.

Military: - Military will only be allowed to use: The glock and deagle, the carbine, and the shotgun(doesnt matter which shotgun.)
- you will be trying to rescue the survivors from the infected and will be taking them to the safe zone.
- if you become infected you will pull out your knife and try to kill anyone who isnt infected.
if you see anyone running towards you, you are allowed to shoot them. survivors should be walking towards military, not running unless they are infected.
once you rescue someone, you keep going to rescue the others.

Zombies: there will be 1-4 zombies in the beginning, if you are an infected from the beginning, you will put your zombie outfit on before the game starts.
- if you see anyone without their knife out, attack them.
-you are not allowed guns, only knifes.
-if survivors are being rescued, the military will phone them with info on where they are and where they are going so you will have a chance to kill the survivors before they get to the safehouse.

misc rules: NO VEHICLES. if i see anyone in a vehicle, they will be kicked, no exceptions. i will make this rule very clear before the game starts.
-Dont leave the designated play zones. i will warn you once and you will be kicked if you ignore the warning.
- do not use your glock if you are a survivor unless i tell you you have one. or if you are one of the last 3 survivors left.
-there are NO second lives. if you die, for whatever reason, stupidity, zombies, ect. you are a zombie. its a simple rule. if you cant follow it. you will be kicked.

Kush Befor Dusk
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Re: First outbreak roleplay - Updated Rules

Post  Cry Vengeance on 10th August 2010, 3:28 pm

What if the survivors are being chased by zombies, and the Military doesn't know who to shoot because it's a massive mob of people running towards them?

Cry Vengeance

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Re: First outbreak roleplay - Updated Rules

Post  Kush Befor Dusk on 10th August 2010, 3:57 pm

this is played on team deathmatch, you can tell who is who
Kush Befor Dusk
I type in my sleep

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Re: First outbreak roleplay - Updated Rules

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