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The Russian Family Empty The Russian Family

Post  julianboy99 on 23rd April 2011, 11:10 pm

This is kinda like "THE WAR" by somebody else, but i couldnt add and i thought it was cool, so i made my own. Its The Russian Family. Its basicly the same as the other one. I dont remember his name but, the author of "THE WAR" i am sorry if you dont like this and i will take it down if you dont.

Name: Julian Tvetzcov
Nick name: Juju
Family: David the father (Russian side) Milena the mother (Bulgarian
side) His cousin Nikolai
Friends: Use to have two American friends, Travis and Dominic. They
ditched him after the zombies overrun his house. Niko is the only true
friend, he always stays by his side, probably because he is family.
Age: 37
Job: Juju works as a bike stuntsman, he has been very good on his
stunts, he knows he isnt famous, but he tried as hard as he could
before the apocalypse. Used to be in Russian military, when he left
he got a job from his bad friends Travis to be a hitman, he quit after
37 hits were done for his "customers".
Description: Wheres a Russian military helmet and has a high collared
coat. A dark brown goate and brown hair. 5"9 height.
Habbits: Hates cars and racing them, loves minecraft and world of
Story: After spending over 30 years in Russia he came to America
because his cousin wanted him to come help him in his motorcycle
auto shop with commercials. Leaving behind his military past with
two souviners, a helmet, and dogtags. When he came his cousin was
in trouble with some gangs across his shop, he asked Julian to get
some guns from these two salesmen, Dominic and Travis, they helped
him a long way. After dealing with the gangs, during 7 years he
started noticing everything was different a sudden alert came on the
T.V. saying a virus is spreading. Getting his cousin, they ran back to the
airport where he started out. All planes, gone, a helicopter was sitting
on a pad,surrounded by zombies ofcourse. The stench of dead bodies
was foul. This, is where it started, the new start of a other new start, in
a helicopter, searching for survivors, with Nikolai.
I don't run fast.

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The Russian Family Empty the french russan alliance

Post  niko19900 on 24th April 2011, 4:50 pm

name:niko labroski

zombies over ran the city everyone either dead or missing the olny ones left as i know of are me and my cousin julian there are survivers hear and there but they dolnt last lond. after i was 15 i went to join the rainbow 6 french ops wear i learnded tracking traping and how to kill. then i wend to america and opend a body shop i emailded my cousin and he came overseas i got in troble with a gang so we took care of it after 7 years it started to get strange. over the 7 years a viris mutated and as it infected more and more the goverment cought on and dumped a vacine it worcked(halfway) any one who wasnet infected was safe from inderect exposer the olney way to transmit it was through a bite now we spend our time in a chopper and search 4 survivers

loves:cars and raceing them
discription: 6'0" wears stonewarsh jeans leather jackit bickercap has tatoos all over him

I don't run fast.

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