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GAC Front Post [BACKUP]

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GAC Front Post [BACKUP] Empty GAC Front Post [BACKUP]

Post  eaustinn36 on 23rd February 2014, 7:04 pm

GAC Front Post [BACKUP] Emblem_128
[size=70]Credit to Hooksie54 for crew
emblem design shown above[/size]

Welcome to the German Auto Club (GAC)! If you're looking for a club to join, this is a good place to start.

Our crew page can be found by clicking the following link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/german_auto_club

Our crew photos can be found by clicking the following link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/german_auto_club/games/gtav/snapmatic

Our crew created content can be found by clicking the following link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/german_auto_club/games/gtav/jobs

If you would like to join, please contact eaustinn36 on xbox via message. Before joining, please take the time to read the text below for requirements and other miscellaneous information.

[size=150]General Information:[/size]

We are a club open to all German car enthusiasts! Whether you like only one brand or all of them, we want you to join! One common misconception is that you have to hate all non-German cars in order to join... not true! You can love German cars just as much as any other, and as long as you like them, you're in!

Our club exists on 3 games primarily: Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2), Forza Horizon, and Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV). For completeness, info all all branches will be given, but be aware that this recruitment page is for the GTAV branch. Since GTAV used fictional cars, we will be using their real-life counterparts. Below is a list of all main German car manufacturers, and if applicable, their GTAV brand name:

  • Porsche - (Pfister)
  • BMW - (Ubermacht)
  • Audi - (Obey)
  • Mercedes Benz - (Benefactor)
  • Volkswagen - (BF)
  • Bugatti, post-1998 only - (Adder)
  • Mini, post-2003 only - (Weeny)
  • Smart
  • Opel
  • Gumpert
  • Wiesmann
  • Maybach
  • RUF
  • 9ff
  • Lotec

[size=150]GAC Branch Information:[/size]

**Note that the club forum for the TDU2 and Forza Horizon branches is separate to this one, as this one focuses on GTAV. Contact me for details on the other forum(s) if interested in joining a non-GTAV Branch.

TDU2: Actively recruiting to the GAC TDU2 branch. New members may contact eaustinn36 (President), Lamboman1342 (Vice-President), Dr Policy (Event Coordinator), or Hooksie54 (Club Secretary) for more information. Members subject to similar terms as outlined below for the GTAV Branch. See below for hierarchy information.

Forza Horizon: Branch managed by Lamboman1342. Game is less active but open recruiting still exists. Contact Lamboman1342 (Branch President) or Dr Policy (Branch Vice-President) for more info. See below for hierarchy information.

GTAV: Actively recruiting. See below for hierarchy information.

[size=150]Joining Requirements:[/size]

Requirements to join are essentially the same for all GAC Branches. Restrictions were more tight previously, but since 2012 have loosened up. If any are confusing, please contact eaustinn36 for further explanation.

  • Must love German cars, at least a little bit
  • Must own a copy of the appropriate console and game (in this case, GTAV)
  • Must not be a hacker or active exploiter (see "Crew Policies and Conduct" section)
  • Must own at least a set minimum number of German cars - TDU2: at least 3 - Forza Horizon: at least 3 - GTAV: at least 1 in garage
  • Must be Mature, with a general age limit of at least 13 years old. We have made exceptions however, as maturity is more important to us than an age
  • Must have a Mic for communication purposes; due to quality issues, Kinect Mic's do NOT count

[size=150]Club History:[/size]

The German Auto Club (GAC) was originally founded on Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2) on March 15th, 2011 by eaustinn36. For the first few months, the club was informal with no system set up, but soon evolved into the legacy that it is today. Over all 3 games we have recruited more than 100 members, and continue to expand on a daily basis.

In August 2011, a formal preliminary system was set up, where a Vice-Presidential system was created. By recommendation and appointment, Porschelover199 took the VP slot. At the time, there was no set term limit for this position. In 2011, our club has reached 10-15 members with more than 30 initially recruited, and maintained a known presence. On the TDU2 global club leaderboard, our club's rank reached a high point of 21st in the world, thanks to our talented drivers and hard work.

In March 2012, the 'modern' formal system was introduced, in where an election system was set up, as well as other policies. Two new executive positions were added to help out, as our club was growing to above 20 members: Secretary (helped with recruiting and other misc work) and Event Coordinator (coordinated events for the club). The first democratic election resulted in Lamboman1342 winning the VP spot (replacing Porschlover199), Hooksie54 winning Secretary, and Dr Policy winning event coordinator. Throughout future TDU2 Branch elections, these positions remained unchanged. TDU2 elections were ultimately discontinued (where current executives maintain their Branch positions) in the summer of 2013.

On October 23rd, 2012, the GAC Branched out to it's second game, Forza Horizon. Lamboman1342 was put in charge of the division with Dr Policy as the VP. Since this division is (and continues to remain today) our smallest division, no election system was put in place. The game did not replace TDU2 however.

In 2012 and 2013, due to our club remaining high ranked, drama unfolded between other high ranked clubs, and it was decided to make a push for a higher position. Thanks to the dedication and long hours on the game, our club continued to climb the global club in-game leaderboard (of more than 100,000 clubs) to  position of 3rd place. As of June 26th 2013, that position has increased to 1st, and the club on TDU2 continues today to be the #1 ranked club in the entire world.

A few months later, on September 17th, our club officially Branched to a 3rd game: GTAV. After the launch of online, due to no consistent overall leaderboard, it was decided among club executives to not make a push on GTAV, and leave the work in TDU2 (it took thousands of hours in TDU2, no one really wanted to push for it again, especially since GTAV isn't solely a driving game). The timeline continues to advance today in 2014, as we continue to expand in recruitment on all Branches. Will you become part of the legacy?

[size=150]Crew Hierarchy and Elections:[/size]

Regular elections are conducted to ensure the executive officers of the crew are by the crew's choosing. While the exact election process does vary between TDU2 and GTAV, they are nearly similar. The focus will be on GTAV, with TDU2 also included. Once again, aside from the Branch president and VP, there is no hierarchy for Forza Horizon.

[highlight=#ffff00]TDU2:[/highlight] In-game club ranking system designates a "raw recruit", "member", "executive", and "President". The presidential spot is the founder spot in the crew, held by eaustinn36. Should something happen to eaustinn36 where he would be in no condition to lead, the VP will take over the responsibilities. In the extremely unlikely case both the President and VP are unable, the Secretary will fill in, and then the Event Coordinator if it comes to that. There will never be a time where ALL executives are unavailable. Ranking system as follows:

  • President
  • Executive (all higher level positions): Vice President, Secretary, Event Coordinator
  • Member - Reserved for all active members who have been a club member at least 1 month
  • Raw Recruit - Reserved for members who have been in the club less than 1 month, or have been in longer but have fallen inactive for at least 3 consecutive months. After 3 months of not being online, the once active member will be considered inactive and demoted to raw recruit. If that member becomes active again, he/she will immediately be put back to member status.

Current TDU2 Branch Officer Positions:
President - eaustinn36  (March 15, 2011 - Present)
Vice President - Lamboman1342 (March 15, 2012 - Present)
Secretary - Hooksie54 (March 15, 2012 - Present)
Event Coordinator - Dr Policy (March 15, 2012 - Present)

Past TDU2 Branch Officer Positions:
Vice President - Porschelover199 (August 2011 - March 15, 2012)

Executive elections are held once every 4 months, revolving around the founding date of the club. So, elections are every March 15th, July 15th, and November 15th. Each election is for 1 four month term. All members are eligible to run for an unlimited number of terms. In order to run for office, you must have been a club member for at least 1 month, and have never gotten in trouble (see "Crew Policies and Conduct").

**NOTE: For TDU2, regular elections were discontinued in the summer of 2013 (after our club hit rank #1). Executive positions for the TDU2 Branch have been made permanent, until further notice.

[highlight=#ffff00]GTAV:[/highlight] In-game crew ranking system designates a "muscle", "representative", "lieutenant", "Commissioner", and "Leader". The leader spot is the founder spot in the crew, held by eaustinn36. Should something happen to eaustinn36 where he would be in no condition to lead, the Commissioner will take over the responsibilities. In the extremely unlikely case both the Leader and Commissioner are unable, one of the lieutenants will fill in, if it comes to that. There will never be a time where everyone mentioned previously is unavailable. Ranking system as follows:

  • Leader
  • Commissioner - Reserved for the VP spot only. There will only be 1 Commissioner at a time. There is no Secretary or Event Coordinator spot currently for the GTAV Branch. The VP in the GTAV Branch may be different than the VP in the TDU2 Branch.
  • Lieutenant - Reserved for the top 3 regular members in the club. The top 3 is actively determined each month by the Commissioner and Leader in agreement. Top 3 is based on many factors, including but not limited to: activity in the crew, rank/money won for the crew, in-game stats, and participation. There will only be 3 Lieutenants at any given time.
  • Representative - Reserved for all members in the crew that have been a member at least 1 month, AND have the GAC set as their primary crew. There is no limit to the amount of representatives allowed.
  • Muscle - Reserved for new member who have been with the GAC less than 1 month, OR do not have the GAC set as their primary crew. Members caught breaking rules (see "Crew Policies and Conduct") may be demoted from a higher position to muscle.

Current GTAV Branch Officer Positions:
Leader - eaustinn36 (Sept 17, 2013 - Present)
Commissioner - Lamboman1342 (Sept 17, 2013 - Present)
Lieutenant - Hooksie54 (Sept 17, 2013 - Present)
Lieutenant - Porschelover199 (Sept 17, 2013 - Present)
Lieutenant - Endocrine (February 1, 2014 - Present)

Past GTAV Branch Officer Positions:
Lieutenant - Subashshin (Sept 17, 2013 - November 1, 2013)
Lieutenant - Skate4shortys86 (November 1, 2013 - February 1, 2014)

Commissioner elections are held once every 4 months, revolving around the founding date of the club. So, elections are every March 15th, July 15th, and November 15th. Each election is for 1 four month term. All members are eligible to run for an unlimited number of terms. In order to run for office, you must be a rank of Lieutenant or higher at the time of the election (so only up to 4 people can run: the 3 lieutenants and the current commissioner for reelection). If a Commissioner loses reelection, they will be demoted to a lieutenant and will not be able to be demoted further, unless they violate a major club policy (see "Crew Policies and Conduct"). If a former Commissioner does not want to run for a Commissioner spot in a future election, then they will remain as a lieutenant without fear of being demoted further to a Representative.

Non-Commissioner related crew Hierarchy changes will occur on the 1st of each month, in which will affect (if at all) only the muscle, representative, and lieutenant ranks. Lieutenant replacements, as well as any other hierarchy change, are done with the agreement of the leader and commissioner, rather than by elections or voting.

[size=150]Crew Policies and Conduct:[/size]

While crew members are generally free to act as they want, we do want to keep a good club reputation, and obviously not do anything to look bad. The following guidelines are encouraged to all members:

  • Be nice to your fellow crew members. Poking fun is fine from time to time, but excessive harassing or insulting is not tolerated. If you have an issue with another member, rather than making a scene, contact the Commissioner or Leader by message or PM regarding the situation.
  • While you needed at least 1 German car (for GTAV) to get into the crew, you have to maintain it! Why be in the club if you don't care about German cars whatsoever? For GTAV, maintaining 1 car (especially in a 10 car garage) is not difficult. If you are low level and cannot afford one, SOME exceptions MIGHT be made. For reference, my (eaustinn36) garage has 8/10 cars German, so i'm sure you guys can handle just one.
  • For GTAV: Do NOT intentionally bring the crews rank down by intentionally losing bets, matches, or anything else like that. It is understandable to have a bad day, but it is incredibly obvious if you are trying to lose.
  • For TDU2: Do NOT donate money to the club fund! The club is already level 3 (max), and donating money is a waste, as there is nothing to spend it on.
  • For TDU2: Do NOT do club races without prior approval of an executive. We have worked hard for what we have, and a single extra loss to our record would bump us off he #1 spot. Be proud of it!
  • More Guidelines to be added on an as-needed basis...

Finally, note that the GAC has a zero tolerance policy on all Hacking/Modding/Cheating. This applies to all Branches of the club. If a member, even a Commissioner, is found to be openly modding or hacking a game, they will be immediately suspended, no exception. If the offense is a lesser offense, such as exploiting the game (no hacks, but taking advantage of bugs or other form of cheating), the member may be demoted to "muscle" (or "Raw Recruit" in TDU2) and put on close watch. If the exploiting member is already a "muscle" (or "Raw Recruit") rank, they might be suspended. Suspensions from the crew range from temporary to permanent. If you are suspended and are unsure how long it is for, contact eaustinn36.

Special Note for GTAV: We are fully aware there is a major hacker problem currently with GTAV. While it is highly recommended all members stick to private lobbies only until Rockstar patches this issue, it is not required. It is understood that receiving hacked money from a hacker is out of your control, and you will not be penalized within the crew for it. That being said, SPENDING the hacked money is in your control. If it is noticed that a legit member (no exploits/cheats/hacks) receives hacked money and starts sharing large amounts or spending large amounts, demotions may occur. If it is an excessively large amount, a temporary crew suspension may occur until the profile is corrected by Rockstar's upcoming patch. An "excessive" amount spent is considered to be any amount over $10m of the hacked money, and an "excessive" amount shared is considered to be any amount over $50m.

[size=150]Misc Info:[/size]

Crew members can be contacted on xbox or on this forum. Posting in the social club crew feed is another good way. Please use the forum PM system for personal messages. Please note that eaustinn36 will only be online weekdays between 5:00pm and 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time, at the most, due to work. Other members may also have school or college during weekdays. Most executives are in the United States, so the club typically operates off of Eastern Standard Time, or "EST" (so when you see "EST", you know what it means). EST is the same as GMT-5.

[size=150]Previous Elections:[/size]

**Note that due to the deletion of the official Atari forums (for TDU2), records prior to the summer of 2013 do not exist (sorry!). For previous TDU2 elections, most of them were won in landslides (especially the first one). The event coordinator (Dr Policy) continued to run uncontested each time (no one wanted it since it was the only executive position that required to pay money in-game out of their own pocket, to fund events). Secretary Hooksie54 (the most likable guy in the world, really) won by massive margins in all elections. Hooksie54 currently does not own GTAV and remains primarily in the TDU2 Branch, but did design our crew emblem at the top of the page. The closest TDU2 election recorded was 1 year ago, where Lamboman1342 beat Porschelover199 by 7 - 4 (votes); VP elections historically have been closer than others. There are no elections for Forza Horizon. GTAV elections shown below:

GAC VP/Commissioner Election Results - Nov 15th 2013

**Note that voting periods last 24 hours on the day of voting.
**Due to a tie vote after 24 hours, voting was extended 24 hours until Saturday 11:59pm EST.

The winner will be displayed below, with vote counts being updated real-time. When the votes are finalized, the "voting results" will change from Pending to Finalized, and the winner will be displayed in [highlight=#ffff00]yellow[/highlight] with a check mark next to their name ([highlight=#ffff00]√[/highlight]). On the chance that the voting is a tie after the extension, the votes will be recounted with a "weight", where muscle=1, Representative=1.1, Lieutenant and above=1.2.

Nov 15th Election

Voting is now: Closed
Voting Results: Finalized

Lamboman1342 - votes: 3  [highlight=#ffff00]√[/highlight]
Porschelover199 - votes: 3  [highlight=#ffff00]√[/highlight]

*Due to tie, voting has been extended 24 hours.

Nov 15th Election after Extension

Voting is now: Closed
Voting Results: Finalized

Lamboman1342 - votes: 5  [highlight=#ffff00]√[/highlight]
Porschelover199 - votes: 5  [highlight=#ffff00]√[/highlight]

*Due to tie, after the time extension, votes will now be weighted.

Nov 15th Election after Extension + Weighted Votes (I can't believe it came to this)

Voting is now: Closed
Voting Results: Finalized

[highlight=#ffff00]Lamboman1342[/highlight] - votes: 5.7  [highlight=#ffff00]√[/highlight]
Porschelover199 - votes: 5.6

GAC VP/Commissioner Election Results - March 15th 2013

[election has not yet occurred]

**This Original Post may be updated over time to reflect the most up-to-date information. Whenever a major update occurs, I will post in this topic as a notification, but the update itself will be seen in this original post. For any remaining questions, comments, or concerns, please contact eaustinn36.

GAC Front Post [BACKUP] Erik10
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