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Eaustinn's Guide to a better RP (GTA)

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Eaustinn's Guide to a better RP (GTA) Empty Eaustinn's Guide to a better RP (GTA)

Post  eaustinn36 on 5th November 2013, 7:57 pm

Quick General Reminder Tips:

- GET INVOLVED with the game. You should feel like you are a real person inside the game, and that it isn't a game at all. Value your life, and don't do stupid stuff! Immerse yourself in your story, and try not to break character as much as possible. I've been in kidnappings before where I actually started fake crying and begging for my life irl (if anyone was listening irl, would be awkward). I remember that one RP with FoundDa Kiwi and Mr Stabby... oh the memories. That is good RP. If you still feel like your playing a game with a respawn system and no consequences, you're doing it wrong.

- If you are getting bored, LEAVE THE GAME. Please don't drag down the RP with your bullshit when many are still trying to keep a storyline going.

- Don't go OOC (out of character) unless you absolutely have to (way to much OOC this RP). The more you go OOC, the more the entire RP takes a pause, and the higher chance it will fall apart as people lose sight of what is going on. If you have to go OOC toward one person, use the in-game cellphone, and don't shout it over everyone else.

- If you think something bullshit has happened, aside from a quick exclamation that it was crap, LET IT GO. If you continue to bitch about it, it will drag down whatever RP is left. If you wish to discuss it later, that it fine, but not mid-match. I notice more than you guys think, and believe me, I have a pen and paper ready.

- When in character, IF THE PERSON ISN'T NEXT TO YOU, THEN YOU CAN'T HEAR THEM. Too much voice chat this past RP, and a better RP is one where only people right next to each other are using the open chat, WHEN IN GROUPS. If it is only one person, call them on the phone. If you have an OOC announcement to all, keep it very brief, or, send an xbl message to all in the session.

- FOCUS on a backstory for your character. If you find yourself dieing every 15, or even 30 minutes, you are doing it wrong. Even if it is a crime RP, it is for ORGANIZED crime only, and you still should not be dieing that often. Similarly, if you find yourself killing someone every 15-30 minutes, you might also be doing it wrong.

- MAKE sacrifices and keep a good story going. If you planned on ending the storyline with a massive firefight, but it is a GREAT storyline, modify it. Maybe most don't die (i.e. Walking Dead TV firefight in S3) and others run away and regroup? An average RP only has 1-2 good stories develop, so make the good ones count.

- YOU only have 1 life as a character (some exceptions, like if RP'ing as a larger army where dead soldiers are replaced with new ones, but that should be a RARITY). If you die, leave the area. Don't come back and start shooting with that standard glock you spawn with. Again, there are exceptions, but most of the time, this is the case.

- If in a high speed chase, and you hit a pole or car at high speed, you are DONE. You don't have to be dead, but at least knocked out or immobilized. You should not be having a major crash, and then driving away like nothing happened (even if your in-game car physically can).

- Recognize your storyline might not go as planned, but role with it. As long as they aren't just killing you, it could turn into something good.

- KEEP IN MIND others develop a backstory too, so you may have to modify your storyline slightly, for the sake of the RP.

- using the blips on the radar to follow someone in a chase or other reason (if it is too tempting, turn your radar off)

- If you can't see them on your main screen, you lost them. Even though irl you know where they are, pretend you don't.

- If you are at gunpoint, or being "tasered" (you have to go along with the RP for this), doing something stupid like pulling out your gun or running away... this takes away from the RP, and gives the situation no other alternative than at least 1 character dieing.

- Follow the taser, listen to verbal instructions. Value your life! Don't go rambo in the situation (unless you actually would in real life, and in that case, how are you still alive to even attend this RP?). If your weapons are taken by them, then even though you physically have them, pretend you don't! Don't pull a bullshit line like "I was hiding this shotgun in my shoe, and you didn't check there!"... no, just leave the game...

- Killing someone suddenly without explanation. It may make sense to you, but to the person killed, it was random, out of the blue, and completely horrible RP. They have a storyline also, and you just killed it.

- Extend the storyline. Instead of an abrupt killing or assassination, maybe do it during a high speed chase? When chasing, shoot AROUND their car, and not at it (it extends the life of the RP, and their car). If you are a good shot, maybe take out a tire. If you finally disable the vehicle, take out any security guards (assuming a high profile target), it doesn't have to end there! Maybe he is worth more alive! Kidnap them, RP confiscate weapons and tie them up, and take them to a secret safehouse. The dead security guards could now (in a similar security role) RP as military, hostage negotiators, regular police, or even SWAT. Have more NON-FATAL firefights. Have a ransom. Have the guy ESCAPE and then the bad guys recover him before reaching safety. These are all just examples, but give an idea of an entire GOOD multi-hour developing story, that could all be ended on one bullshit assassination out of nowhere.

Eaustinn's Guide to a better RP (GTA) Erik10
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