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Lab Bio, Zombies, and You

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Lab Bio, Zombies, and You

Post  ABigSoggy Wafle on 30th September 2009, 10:50 pm

Here is an analogy I had to do for my Lab Bio class. Little short and corny but, whatever I was bored. Feel free to post your own analogy...

Left 2 Die

Thomas pushed through the leaves and brush as he kept running. He took a glance behind him and saw a shadowy haze over a black figure gaining quickly behind him. Now gasping, Thomas gave out his final push towards the light. Tree and leaves flew past him in a blur as he pushed his legs into a motion haze. His objective just feet away now, grabbed closer and closer to Thomas. Thomas smiled as he knew he would be able to make it out of here alive. He spoke too soon. Closing his eyes for just a moment just to embrace the cool embrace of relief, he tripped over a tree root that had arched up just over the brown soil. Thomas flipped over on his back in fear after hitting the ground. He laid on his back staring in the face of his predator. He flinched as the figure got feet closer after just a few seconds. He let out a cried for help just the figure was just inches away from him.
“ BANG!” Thomas opened his eyes to see the figure head-less and drop to the ground. He quickly got up and turned to see his savior. An old rugged man with a hunting rifle stood with a grey stubble beard and a green barrette on his head. His close were a tattered WWII marine uniform. Blood dotted and dripped across the green pants and open green jacket that showed a dirty white shirt.
“You all right?” the man asked Thomas.
“Y-… yea… I am fine…” Thomas said shuttering still in disbelief that he was still alive.
“Here let me take you back to camp.” *1The man pointed his head towards a heavily, makeshift, gated area. As they were walking towards the gate, the man decided to break the silence. “What is your name, kid?” he said with an accent that seemed like it just grazed Boston.
“oh… uh… Thomas…”
“How did you get all the way here? We are miles away from Utica much less any other town.”
“I… uh… was in my car with my parents on a weekend trip and… um... my dad had a bite on his arm and we were riding and all of the sudden…” Thomas stopped there breaking out of tears.
The man got “2 and 2” together and felt sorry for the kid and also realized what he had just done.
“I am sorry… I didn’t know he was… Let’s get off the subject. My name is Bill and I am from New York but, originally around the Boston area.” Bill kept going about his life, but Thomas’s face didn’t change. He was still just as miserable. “Look.” Bill said trying his best to try and cheer up Tom. He pointed at the massive gate with 2 guards on each perch corresponding to each other, pulling ropes and turning wheels to get the massive doors to open into to two separate parts. Thomas picked his head up and looked at the interior of this fortress. Mostly made out of make shift pieces of wood and cardboard was a small town. Thomas was in disbelief. He felt welcome but, still alone.
“I will be right back.” Bill said telling Thomas to stay still as he walked over to a woman in a red running jacket. While they were talking, Thomas looked at the small town they had. They had *2an animal pen with small live stock ranging from chickens to pigs, *3/4a radio/message/distress call preparing building ,*5a junk area that is used for other projects and-… Thomas’s train of thought was cut off as Bill walked towards him.
“You are going to sleep in cabin 2 tonight. Is that ok?” Bill asked with the dreariest of sympathy.
Thomas nodded his head and began to walk to his cabin. Thomas was afraid and worried. He didn’t know who these people are or what their intentions are and he was worried about his mother, brother and his fa-… He quickly got in the cabin and cried on the cot laid out by the entrance.
“You ok?” said a voice that crept from behind him.
Thomas sat up startled and tried to act like he was fine. “Oh yea, I am fine…” he said wiping nose and eyes. He looked up to see a girl, about 10, that seemed the same age as him.
“You don’t look ok…” she said after inspecting him a little bit more.
“No really I am fine-…” he broke into tears again.
The girl, feeling his grief, hugged him tightly. After he was done crying he began to tell his story.
“It’s my 10th birthday today and I was in a car with my family. We were going to have my party here but, my dad got bitten by some mean guy at work. And then, when we were driving up here, we crashed. I don’t ‘member much but, next thing I know I am running in the middle of the woods with my dad chasing me. Then I fell and Bill shot him… My dad killed my mommy and my brother and was after me next.”
“*gasp* I am really sorry. I was here for a girl scouts meeting and then people started screaming… I just hid under my bed and then these guys found me. My name is Jill. What is yours?” Jill introduced herself.
“I am Thomas. Hey could you give me a tour of this place?”
“Sure! Come on!” Jill said enthusiastically and rushed out the door.
“HEY WAIT UP!” Thomas yelled happily.
“Look at that. Just an hour ago he was in tears, now he was playing with Jill.” The girl in the red jacket observed.
“Yea. That kid has been through a hell of a lot. It is kind of scary Zoey, if I hadn’t been there at the right time that kid would have been brain food.” Bill began to describe the scene a little more in depth to Zoey.
“And this is the*6is the bathroom. Oh and look here! *7These are the tree that help hold up the walls. *8And that lady that you saw before, her name is Zoey. She runs this place! Oh and look at…” Jill was cut off by a deafening church bell located in the center of the camp.
“Get inside NOW!” Zoey screamed at us. We obeyed and began to run inside. Gun shots and screams ran through the chilling night sky. Firearms acting like lights as the fighting went on long enough for the sun to go out.
“Get spikes ready!” one tower man shouted to another. Another man began turning a wheel which pulled back a rubber belt that connected its self to hundreds of mini bows each one loaded and aimed out the small holes of the main door way.
“Ready sir!” one man screamed to Bill.
“What do you think is going on out there?” Thomas asked his new friend.
“The bad people are attacking. We have to keep quite! SHH!” Jill ordered.
“Bad people?” Thomas said confused.
A loud rumble than came from above and wind began whipping against the small wooden cabin. The two ran outside, curious to see what it was. An army grade helicopter with mounted machine guns began to light up the sky as the side guns rotated.
“OUCH!” said the two as bullet shells began to fall on them from the plane above. They ran out from under the plane but still watched in amazement.
The plane got closer to the ground and threw down a latter.
“COME ON! GET ON!” Said the helicopter polite through a megaphone built into the helicopter.
The two looked at the wall where there was a huge hole in the center with “bad people” running through and being cut down by the remaining survivors. Gas tanks caught on fire and the wall was in flames. Survivors were being taken down and harvested on by the unruly people.
Jill spotted Zoey and screamed “ZOEY!!!” She began running towards Zoey in fear of losing the closet thing to a mother she ever had.
“No! Jill Get Back Here!” Thomas yelled at the top of his lungs. He was about to run but had a force pull on the back of his collar. He then was thrown sharply on to the helicopters floor. He looked down the ladder that cascaded off the side of his helicopter and saw Bill with one pistol in hand the other hanging on firing down killing the infected before they let go of the rope latter and meet the ground hard. Thomas look out on the court yard and saw Jill crying next to Zoey’s lifeless body as the “bad people” kept pushing forward towards the real prize and ignoring the helpless little girl.
“WE HAVE TO SAVE HER!” Tom said in tear and screaming at Bill.
“Forget it, kid! She is as good as dead!” Bill said trying to beat the helicopter in terms of noise while rolling up the latters. Thomas took a look below. They were about 7 feet from the ground and they weren’t far away from Jill and there were no “bad people” moving on the bottom. He pictured her safe with Thomas as he braced himself for the fall and took his feet off the metal platform…
It is weird how déjà vu works. Thomas ended up suspended in the air for a second once more and was thrown back on to the metal helicopter platform.
“NO! WE CAN SAVE THEM!” Thomas tried reasoning. “LET ME GO!”
“Let’s get out of here!” Bill screamed to the pilot and they took off.
Thomas sat his seat in tears. He knew that Jill didn’t make it but he knew that could have been changed if Bill wasn’t so cowardly. Bill said nothing and they flew to a roof of an apartment building.
After about 6 years, Thomas was taught how to hold a gun, fly, and everything. One day, the outbreak made it passed the barricades and were heading up stairs to the top floor where Bill, the pilot, and Thomas were going to hold off.
The door exploded as an infected went flying through the door, shoulder first. Gun shots rang out in Thomas’s head and brought him back to his days as a kid. He thought about Jill and how she was just left to die. Thomas knew what to do.
“Keep firing!” Bill screamed at the rest of the group and he put another clip in. He noticed something odd however. He only heard one gun firing. He turned to see who was missing and then was nearly pushed off his feet and a huge wind whipped him out of nowhere. He turned to the heli-pad behind him.
“Son of a…” Bill gave out his last words as a zombie tackled him to the ground. And he was left just like Jill was. This scene felt all too familiar.
Thomas flew away without even so much as a glance back to see the two “left to die” as he rode into the sunset.

*1: Cell Membrane (protecting wall)
*2: Mitochondrion (feeds the survivors)
*3/4: E.R./Golgi Apparatus (sends out messages in hopes of being evacuated)
*5: Vacuole (holds materials that can speed up the process of building homes/walls/weapons/ect. because looking for materials is un-needed.)
*6: Lysosome (wastes are dissolved into the ground. It is like an outhouse/garbage can.)
*7: Cytoskeleton (the extra support for the walls and cabins as well)
*8: Nucleus (Zoey controls the whole community and sends out instructions on what to do.)
ABigSoggy Wafle
ABigSoggy Wafle
Cry Owes Me A Custom Title
Cry Owes Me A Custom Title

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Re: Lab Bio, Zombies, and You

Post  DeadApe on 1st October 2009, 5:46 pm

Wow lol great story I wonder what your lab teacher thought. You really stretched it haha.

Keep it up waffle. Im going to start writing my own soon as soon as this SAT passes.

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Re: Lab Bio, Zombies, and You

Post  ABigSoggy Wafle on 1st October 2009, 10:35 pm

Thanks... Uh... Whoa... New website layout? Pretty.
ABigSoggy Wafle
ABigSoggy Wafle
Cry Owes Me A Custom Title
Cry Owes Me A Custom Title

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Re: Lab Bio, Zombies, and You

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