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Hell On Earth (A woman's story)

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Hell On Earth (A woman's story)

Post  x1 Thanatos 1x on 22nd August 2009, 12:06 am

My name is Lacy. I'm an average girl with long brown hair, others would disagree but, you know. I live here in Alderney, in an apartment not too far from the beach and conveniently located to a Burger Shot where I eat most of the time. I'm not fat though, I'm not a lady that worries about my weight and I never gain more than a pound at the most. I'll admit, eating those burgers almost everyday does get tiresome and makes me crave something different but there isn't any other restaurant close enough. Besides, their burgers aren't that bad even if you have them everyday.

I was getting ready for work, from what I remember I was trying to locate my left shoe. I went to a party yesterday and by the time I made it home, I was exhausted and just flung my shoes off and went to bed, not paying attention where the ended up. There it was, behind the dresser, only God knows how it wedged itself back there, but there was no time to ponder it now, I was already ten minutes late! I tried to run or at least keep a fast jog but trying to do more than a casual walk in these heels is a pain. I reached the bottom of the stairs, finally, and got into my car, a model three Turismo. It came with the title of vice president of Sprunk. The drive to the factory is only about five minutes, less if God's in a good a mood.

When I reached the factory, it looked abandoned. Luckily my boss Hall, the President of the company, was there. I asked him what was going on.
"Hall," I began, "what's going on here?"
He turned around, "Oh, hey Lacy!"
"What's happening?" I asked.
"We're tearing down the factory, apparently there was a toxin that was released from one of our machines so we have to close her down" he responded.
"That's just great," I said furiously, "where will I work now?"
"Oh, don't worry," Hall stated casually, "we have some temporary offices located ten minutes from here."
"Great," I stated sarcastically.
"I know Lace, I know."

Just then, a man appeared from the entrance of the building followed by a cloud of green smoke. Hall rushed to his aid, I followed him. When we reached the man we saw that he must have been homeless, a "hobo" among everyone else. He started coughing and wheezing. Hall started talking to him.
"Hey man, are you OK?"
"Wha-," mustered the man, "who?"
Hall shook him a little. Then I spoke.
"Sir, are you ok. what were you doing in there?"
The man started to speak again.
"Ge- get away from me," he started to yell, "I know yo- your kind, a bunch of *cough* money grub- grubbers!"
The man got up and started limping away from us.
Hall yelled after him, "Hey man, we need to get you to a hospital!"
I replied, "Why, he doesn't seemed seriously wounded?"
"It's not that," he replied, "I'm not sure what that gas was, it may have been the toxin."
Surprised I replied, "What, you better hope it's not serious!"
"It shouldn't be, at least...I hope it's not.

Later that day I got back from work, the people at the new office were ass holes. They didn't have any respect for me, usually I work on a different floor than them but there wasn't a floor designated to the Vice President or the President of the company. It was a mess, I had tons of paperwork to do seeing how I got to work about forty minutes late! I was exhausted. I kicked off my shoes, again not knowing or caring where they went, and just plopped down on my bed. I lazily reached for the remote and turned on the T.V. Nothing good was on so I switched to 'Liberty Action News' and sought to find entertainment in their daily stories that varied from "Hot Dog Stand Robberies" to "Water Gun Hold Ups."

Surprisingly this time the news seemed to be a little more serious. I didn't catch the whole thing but from I saw, there was a massive flood of people coming from the Burger Shot in Happiness Square! Some people were trampled on as many tried to escape from, what was to me, unknown. Then they switched the video of the massive human flood to a picture of a scarred dead man on the floor in front of the counter with a glock laying at his side. A closer image showed displayed something that made my stomach drop and heart skip a beat or two. That man was the same one from the factory! He was paler and his face was scarred almost beyond recognition but I was sure it was him! Then I saw something that almost made me vomit, there was a woman that was in a gory muck on the floor, as if she was gnawed and clawed at to no end! I turned off the T.V. I couldn't stand the sight anymore, hoping that sleep would be bring me some peace from my day, I turned off the lights, rolled over and closed my eyes. Sleep brought me no peace however, I was haunted with nightmares of many different possibilities of that scene.

It was now Sunday, the only day I don't work on for obvious reasons. I got ready the same way I would on a work day though, except I wore a blue Sunday dress rather than red. It was deja vu, I had a hard time finding my shoes again which made me furious because being late for work is one thing but being late for church is another! I finally found them, faster than last time, thank God. I then made the usual trip down the stairs as no one ever feels like hiring someone to fix the elevator. I made it out the door and began my drive.

I reached the church in time, around a minute before it started. I opened the door and found my usual seat closest to the preacher. I prefer to sit closer to the podium, it makes me feel safer for some reason. Many people were using their last minute of gossip talking about some "outbreaks" in parts of Liberty, it was hard to hear when everyone was talking about the same thing. The preacher approached the podium and began the service.

We were at the Revelations when I heard a pounding on the main entrance. Apparently I wasn't the only one that heard, a few people turned around to see what it was while others just made a scowl towards the noise as if it were Satan itself. But with what happened next, it might as well have been. A huge crowd of people busted through the doors, piling on top each other all heading toward the preacher! I noticed one man staring aw struck at the flood of people with more surprise and worry than anyone else. It made me wonder for a split second what was going through his head. It was only a split second however, everyone in the human flood just froze and started dropping like flies. Everyone's screams quieted down to a whisper, as if they were afraid the pile of bodies would hear them. I tried finding the horrified man but as soon as I was in the middle of the crowd the screams from the church crowd started up again but there was a new noise that intertwined with their screams, a deep, load moan emanated from the front of the church. I made my way to the front of the crowd being shoved and pushed as many were trying to scramble. What I saw made my whole body freeze cold and stiff.

The once 'a pile of bodies' were limping, hunched over, moaning "zombies!" What seemed like science fiction was staring me in the face! What seemed like an eternity, which was only five seconds, I came to my senses and ran for the crowd of the original church occupants but what was pushed and shoved repeatedly to the back where many kept falling and were mauled by the onslaught of corpses!

I tripped and fell! I repeatedly tried to get back up but was knocked back down by the crowd of citizens! That's when one of those "living corpses" spotted me and increased its pace toward in my direction. I tried getting up, finally flinging off my heels but by the time I got up, the legion of the undead were upon me.
x1 Thanatos 1x
x1 Thanatos 1x
Thats right, limp away!

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Re: Hell On Earth (A woman's story)

Post  Cry Vengeance on 22nd August 2009, 6:06 am

Well...I'm a doctor, kinda...well...EMS driver but still.

Wanna date sometime?

Nah but seriously, it was an enjoyable read Thantanos, keep em coming!

Cry Vengeance
Cry Vengeance

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Re: Hell On Earth (A woman's story)

Post  Ross Saxophone on 22nd August 2009, 8:55 am

I'm currently nursing a semi
Ross Saxophone
Ross Saxophone
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Re: Hell On Earth (A woman's story)

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