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GTA IV Roleplay - Ruleset by iTz Ov3RdR4fTZz

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GTA IV Roleplay - Ruleset by iTz Ov3RdR4fTZz

Post  iTz Ov3RdR4fTZz on 5th September 2011, 11:03 pm

Hey guys,I'm the newest member here and was just wondering if anyone here likes roleplays.

Police Jobs:Tier 3

Patrollers (Need Police Cars)

FBI (If chosen,you unlock the SUV vehicle license automatically)

Private Investigator (If chosen,you will unlock the 4 door vehicle license automatically)

Civillian Jobs:

Bouncer Tier 1

Bartender Tier 1

Chauffeur Tier 2 (If chosen,you unlock the 4 door vehicle license automatically)

Fighter Tier 1

Hooker Tier 1

Pimp Tier 1

Racer Tier 2 (If chosen,you unlock the sports cars license automatically)

Taxi Driver Tier 2 (You need a taxi cab)

Construction Worker Tier 1

Mr Grotti Tier 3 (Work at Grotti's garage)

Car Washer Tier 0

Truck Driver Tier 1 (Need a truck)

Dustbin Cleaner Tier 0 (Need Trashmaster)

Car Washer Tier 1

Club Manager (Maisonette 9,Hercules,Honkers or The Triangle Club.)

Bodyguards Tier 2 (Are hired by any guy)

Factory Worker Tier 1 (Work in Sprunk factory)


Car Dealer Tier 3 (If chosen,unlock the sports vehicle license automatically)

Drug Dealer Tier 3 (If chosen,unlock the SUV vehicle license automatically)
Crack Cocaine:$3,450

Emergency Jobs

Paramedic Tier 4 (Need Ambulance)

Firefighter Tier 4 Tier 4 (Need FireTruck)

Special Jobs

Lawyer Tier 4

Banker Tier 4

Judge Tier 4

Business Owner Tier 4

Pilot Tier 4
NOTE: Only when you fill out the forms will I reserve the job.When an X is next to it it means its took.

Country are you from:


Country are you from:UK
Job applying for:Drug Dealer
Property:Playboys Mansion,The Triangle Club


Holding illegal weapons without license:$300.00

Shooting illegal weapons without license:$400.00

Murder:1,000.00 or questioned and sentenced.


Reckless driving:$200.00


Running lights:$50.00

Turf War:1,250.00 or questioned and sentenced.

More added soon.


Arrest suspects/criminals.

Freeze accounts.

Fine the criminal,jail him.

Aloud to shoot once the criminal has escaped,ran or as a warning shot in a turf war.If there is no stopping then you will end up being wasted by cops.

Pull over suspects.

Ask civilians where suspects headed are at.

You start off the game as your default player as your job chosen.Dealers do their jobs.Cops try to bust you.Remember,hosts of the game can easily watch you.2 deaths in one game and you must back out til the next RP.Simply so players learn the ability of staying clean and not dying.

Weapon Licence1:Pistols=500$Default(Lost once die)
Weapon License2:SMG=1,000$
Weapon License3:Shotgun=750$
Weapon License4:Assault Rifle=1,500$
Weapon License5:Rockets=2,000$
Weapon License6:Nades,Molotovs=250$

Multi Weapon License1:Pistol,Molotovs,Nades=750
Multi Weapon License2:Shotgun,Assault Rifle=2,500
Multi Weapon License3:Rockets,SMG=2,000

Vehicle License1:2 Door Vehicle=750 (Default for civilians)
Vehicle License2:4 Door Vehicle=1,250 (Default for Chauffeur,Cops.)
Vehicle License3:SUV=1,500 (Default for Drug Dealer)
Vehicle License4:Sports=2,500 (Default for Racer)
Vehicle License:Boats=3,000
Vehicle License6:Choppers=4,250 (Default for Pilot)

Medical Charges=300$
Police charge for arrest or death by cop=500$
If not able to pay will die.

This is how you earn money.When in Roleplay doing your job every 10 mins you get a boost in pay.This is where the Tiers come into play:

Every ten minutes.
Tier 0=$0
Tier 1=$500
Tier 2=$1,000
Tier 3=$1,500
Tier 3=2,000
All jobs will have a tier.This will affect your 10 min pay.

iTz Ov3RdR4fTZz
I don't run fast.

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