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Confilict 2 Choice 3. Don't comment on this page. Don't click on it either

Post  ABigSoggy Wafle on 18th October 2009, 11:50 pm

“Hell no!” Mark said in a strong tone and brought the group back on subject. “We leave no one behind. We will all sneak out at night.”
“You *gasp* don’t understand. I need to *gasp* be here. *gasp* Debby needs me!” Thomas tried convincing the group to leave him.
“Don’t worry kid. We will try and get her when we leave. Right now though, it is too dangerous to go anywhere.” Jill spoke softly to Thomas.
Thomas wasn’t satisfied, but what was he going to do? He was helpless in this condition anyway.
“Right, now that we have all met a consensus let’s begin. There is a van or two in the loading bays, and the keys should be held in the main office, here.” Gary went on with his planning pointing at his handmade “blueprint” of the building.
“Wait a second; we are short weapons and supplies. Don’t you think this is going to be suicide? Even if we do make it out, where will we go?” Mark said.
“It will be suicide no matter what we have. As long as that half infected kid is still here, we are all fucked! We need to start thinking rationally.” Steve could just keep his mouth shut.
Gary turned to Steve pushed him up against the wall, hard. “You listen to me, you little shit! I have never seen a more honorable and brave kid than Tom. He saved your life and you are actually considering leaving him behind? I should leave you here to die for that! You ungrateful little shit!” Gary screamed as he rose his fist up in a cocked position with its intended destination at Steve’s nose.
“WAIT!” Thomas let out a scrappy and rough yell. He was too late, however. Gary brought his hand back and with in an instant, blood gushed out of Steve’s nose and on to the floor. Jill and Mark pulled Gary off of Steve. Thomas couldn’t help to chuckle a little. The way Steve squirmed and hit the ground, was something he had only dreamed of. Revenge wasn’t exactly his “cup of tea” but, he enjoyed the moment still. Steve cursed like nothing else as Jill went to try and care for him.
“Ok this may hurt.” Jill said as she cracked Steve’s nose back into place. Thomas wished he had popcorn.
Steve screamed louder and higher pitched than anything he had ever heard. Things began to settle down. The bodies were covered and placed in boxes to have some sort of disease control. The boxes were then bolted for safety's sake. Gary looked at his watch.
“One hour ‘till show time.” Gary softly announced into the quite room.
“*gasp* Would you mind tell us *gasp* about this *gasp* FBI shi-...” Thomas stopped himself “stuff?”
“Seeing as things didn’t go quite as planned, I guess it couldn’t hurt. I assigned here to be crowd control for this whole thing. I was suppose to round up as much people as possible and call in for an e-vac. However…” he was cut off by a distant listener.
“Wait? You knew about this the whole time? You knew this was going to happen? Well, why the fuck weren’t people warned?” Mark began to shout and the room got taunt and loud again.
“Because, that would…” he hesitated before he spoke again “because…” he stopped again. It was clear this was something more than just a lunatic with a virus. “…because, it is against protocol. End of discussion.” Gary was trying to change the subject for fear of being interrogated.
“Hold on a second. What was the first thing you were saying? It would… what?” Mark was playing “hardball” now. He was like a rabid dog, clawing away to get his food.
Gary did respond. He sat there stubborn as a mule.
“Gary, we deserve to know. Why is this virus here? Why was the public told sooner, if at all? Millions of people are infected with a virus that puts them in a near comatose state causing mass destruction across the world AND YOU CAN’T GIVE ME A SIMPLE ANSWER AS TO WHY?!” Mark was screaming now. His face a pink with rage, as blue veins popped out of his neck. The dark room was silent. The one light bulb in the center, swung back and forth.
Gary stood up with a heavy glaze look that was coated across his eyes. His face was like stone, as it showed no emotion. He turned to Mark with one hand in his pocket. “I told you this conversation is over!” he yelled as he pulled out his gun. For a few moments you could hear the gun cock and fire before the enclosed space’s acoustics caused your ears to ring. Thomas closed his eyes. He felt blood on his pants seeping through. He knew someone was shot but, he thought for a second. Gary was standing in front of him. Thomas quickly opened his eyes to see a blood trail. He followed it quickly with his eyes to find it ending at Gary’s shoulder blade on his back. His green WW2 jacket turned a sickly looking dark green as the fluids slowly poured down his back. With each blood droplet hitting the floor, showed Gary’s time was running out. His face gave a blank, mouth open stare. He looked at Mark. First with anger, than with remorse just before his body crumpled to the ground. He lay on the gray floor with a shining crimson glow around him. Mark kneeled down and took off his jacket. He covered Gary’s face and bowed his head. The whole group bowed their heads. Each of them knew why he did it, and frankly your first reaction is not to question anyone with a gun in their hand. Mark stood up and looked down as tears fell from his eyes. One by one they hit the crimson causing waves that everyone could feel. They all gave a moment of silence for a fellow survivor. Somehow, in just a few short days, each person had a strong connection with Gary. Thomas, who hadn’t even cried for his parents or his best friend, felt himself at his mercy to his emotions. For the first time, Thomas stopped and considered what had gone on in less than a month. At school, it took him 3 years to make acquaintances much less friends and yet, after just meeting these people a few days ago he felt as if he had lost 3 close friends in one day. He realized how important each person in this room meant to him. Even Steve, who had put him through hell and back, he felt deeply connected to. He seemed to forget his own life and just think about theirs. All he was concerned about was keeping them alive at whatever cost.
After the moments of silence, Mark took Gary’s 9mm and dug deeper in his pockets. He found blue prints to the mall and a Blackberry. Mark quickly hid the Blackberry and ordered the team get ready to leave. The team left, leaving 3 bodies behind but, taking with them memories and grief that hung on each of the remaining survivors’ hearts heavily.
They walked through the mall, quickly “shopping” for any items they might need, as well as looking for Debby.
“Alright, let’s split up. The “tanks must have lost our scent by now and should be gone but, not for long. We need to get what we need and get to the loading docks by…”
Jill took a look at her watch “How about 6:00?”
“6:00. if you are not there, we will have to leave without you.” Mark said getting back on to his orders. “Any questions?”
“Where exactly are we going?” Steve asked worriedly.
Mark dug into his pocket for a Blackberry with blood on it. They all knew Gary had a backup plan, so the best place to look would be his blackberry.
“We are going into a military base in the ‘Town of Web’ which is about a 7 hour drive…” Mark said a little anxiously. “I will pick up some gas while we are here. This place should be running on its own gas line so we shouldn’t have problems there.” He turned to Jill as he was pulling his face away from the phone. “Jill I need you to grab bikes just in case of the car breaking down. I also need canned food or anything that won’t go bad for a while.” He then turned to Thomas and Steve “I need you boys to…” he looked at the phone to find anything else that they needed “…Steve I need you to go get gallons of water. Thomas, I need you to go find Debby as soon as possible.” He then turned to the group “Everyone understands?”
They all agreed as they checked their weapons.
“Good. Let’s get this going!”
They all split up. Each of them had an assignment to do with very little time to do it. Steve dropped his crutches and began to try and walk. He winced but pushed through carrying two water cooler jugs on his shoulders walking towards the loading bay. Jill went through a Dick’s Sporting Goods, and walked out with a shopping cart of guns, bows and arrows, and a pair of cool looking camouflage pants for her. Thomas was running down the halls looking for an Abercrombie and Fitch store. Finally, he sees it. He sees his dream girl walking out of this hell hole to come and be with him… in his head. He begins to walk briskly to the door when he stops. He realizes that he can’t just walk in there with nothing to give her. He looked around for a florist shop but, didn’t see one.
“Come on! I have to find something to give her!” He paced back and forth thinking and then glanced down at his watch. “Fuck! 5:45!” he said aloud on accident. He looked all around. He saw a Dunkin Donuts, a GameStop, an Apple Macintosh… “Wait!” he said getting an idea. “That’s it!” He quickly sprinted to the store of his choice.
Debby awoke wide eye and looked around the dark store room. She heard footsteps. She jumped in one of the changing rooms and held the string tight, ready to fight until her last breath. The footsteps entered the store. She panicked. She sat in the far back holding her breath waiting for whoever was there to either walk in the closet or go away.
“Debby? You here?” Thomas said in a cautious tone. Debby let out a sigh of relief and then her mind clicked.
“Another survivor? I’m not alone?!” She couldn’t believe it. “Hold on!” She said quickly trying to get out of the changing room. She walked out of the room waiting to see a big, strong man to come and save her; however she saw a short chubby kid wearing a shirt that said “There is no place like http://www.home.com” holding an iPod.
“Debby!” Thomas yelled in absolute joy. Thomas ran over to give her a hug.
“Uhh… Hi?” She said awkwardly. She tried getting him off of her but, she was afraid she might offend him.
“Oh… right. I am Thomas. We were in the same Bio/Chemistry class, remember?”
“Wait… Yea I think I do.” She lied.
“I knew you would! Oh, here you go. I got this for you.” He handed her a pink iPod “nano.” “Here you go! I had my music saved on a website and I just uploaded it on to the iPod for you.”
“Oh, cool… Thank you very much…” She was completely oblivious to who this kid was and, was completely confused why he was giving her a nano.
“Shit! We have to go! Now!” Thomas said after glancing down at his watch and grabbing Debby’s hand on accident. He blushed and she gave a fake smile. They started to run down towards the loading bay.
“Hurry up!” Mark screamed as the two ran down the steps. Jill and Steve already loaded the van. The two make it down the stairs and hop into the back of the van and Mark started the car.
“Hang on to something kids. I am opening the metal gate!” Mark screamed to the kids in the back. Mark hit the button right next to the metal gate and quickly hopped into the van. The burglary alarm system begins to go off. Mark sticks the key in the ignition and begins to crank the engine. The car whines up and then dies.
“Shit! I forgot to put gas in the truck!” Mark screamed as he ran out with a gas can in hand.
Debby looked around to see a pregnant woman with cuts all around her clothes. She saw a fairly short 5’4’’ run out of the car with a gas can in hand. She had already met Thomas but, one kid in the back with a varsity football jacket she somewhat recognized. He was muscular and athletic. His short blonde hair and a charming smile brought her back. She searched her mind; however, it didn’t take long before she knew she had been staring at her “crush” since the 3rd grade. Her face blushed a little as she waved to him in a very flirtatious way.
“Steve? Is that you?” Debby got up and began to walk towards Steve in a shy yet sexy way. “So…uh… how is it go-…” she was cut off from her sudden loss of breath as Mark hit the gas as hard as he could. Debby was an inch away from hitting the ground, when Thomas did what he thought was appropriate at the time. He dove under her to try and break her fall. None the less, the helpful “bail” was a success.
Debby stayed on the ground, though; sitting on Thomas’s back stuck in a day dream within the infinite blue irises that soared her through fields of flowers and into the clouds with joy.
“Um… excuse me Debby. You seem to be sitting on…-“at that moment Mark makes a hard right with the van and skids. The unsuspecting survivors become surrounded with dented walls that are too close for comfort around the survivors. The car squealed once more before a loud crash broke through the windshield. The engine gave off its last dying wails as it faded and smoke began to rise. Mark was knocked out and Jill had a cut on her forehead. As for our friends in the back, Steve was pinned against the wall by a 100 pound girl that never seemed cuter to Steve. She was unconscious but, that made her all the more adorable to Steve. Steve had a cut down his arm and his leg looked even more mashed up but he couldn’t take his eyes off of Debby.
“Debby. Debby! DEBBY!” Thomas was shouting at her in his mind. He then looked in horror as Steve leaned in and kissed her tender lips that Thomas would have killed for.
Thomas stood up. He was ready to scream and kill Steve with his bare hands. A loud roar jumbled Thomas’s thoughts. His jaw drop, for he knew exactly what was heading towards him. Tanks and from the sound of the amount of footsteps, lots of them.

End of Chapter 4 (in other words... You won!)
Quick note... This was a poorly constructed story. I wanted to get something up so I can work on my new prodject. I know, I take months just to upload some craptastic entry but, I HAD a life. Thankfully, I just had my States surf competition today which means... I am either going to Califorina (yea right) for nationals or NO PRACTICE EVER! So I guess you could expect this sooner. I am sorry for uploading this but it is too late now. I change it later I guess..
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