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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 14-15

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The Doctor Shao Diaries ENTRY 14-15

Post  Zomando on 5th October 2009, 5:55 pm


I woke up in a hospital. Was it over? Was it all a dream? I couldn't move my right leg very well. I tried to call out, but my voice was too sore. Without warning, a man walked in the room. His head was shaven, and he smelled like cleaning equipment.

"Look who's awake." He said to me with a smile. "You've been out for a pretty long time."

"Is..Is it over?" I said to him.

"Not even close." He replied with a chuckle.

"Where am I?" I asked him.

"Westdyke Memorial Hospital. We've been gathering survivors for some time now.." I wiped my eyes to get a closer look. I then saw it was Vito, back from the Warehouse. "We were stationed up North, but then some asshole left the door open. Or something along those lines, It was long ago, I can't remember..but I do remember losing a lot of survivors that day. We've been searching until we found this place. The ambulances still work, so we've been using those to go out and find survivors. Some never make it back. The ones that do make it usually have to fight the horde they attract.. Some get wounded and eventually die. That would never happened if Doctor Taylor died..."

"I'm a doctor." I interrupted. "I can help out here if you want."

"But what about your leg? We found you lying on top of a corpse, you were wincing in pain..." Vito replied.

"I jumped from the roof. I guess the body broke my fall. I'm guessing it's sprained. Let's see..if I move it like thi-FUCKING! Yeah..it's sprained..I'll need someone to help me wrap it up, then I'll be ready to help you guys."


It's been a month and a half here and I've recognized the schedule. There are routine survivor searches everyday. Two ambulances go out while the rest of the crew stays and watches the building. We also go out and search for food and weapons. The doors are automatically locked from 12am-7am, so the rest of the day they have to be barricaded.

There are 13 of us.

The following happened today:

It started like any other day at the hospital. We had our breakfast consisting of stale cereal and water, and then the guys went out to look for survivors. When they returned, they brought the undead with them. This has happened many times before, so we were prepared. We all gathered in the lobby and fought them off. About 7 minutes later, the horde was dead.

"Shit, Vito. I think I got bitten by one of those things." Will said. So we rushed him to a bed and examined him. We look all over but found no marks. He still claimed that he felt nauseous. He began to vomit blood all over the room.

"BACK THE FUCK UP! HE CAN BE INFECTED!" I yelled. "Holy Shit. Look at him." He was getting very pale, and show most of the symptoms of one who was undergoing the infection process. It can't be true. That man can't be right. I took a seat and held my head in my hands.

"JB, what's wrong?" Vito asked me.

"I've heard that the infection is airborne." I replied.

"That's probably just in some cases. For example, Will's. What are we gonna do?" He said.

"He's infected." I said while taking out my pistol. "We gotta let him go."

Zak overhearing this suddenly took out his gun and pointed it at me. "We ain't doing shit. This guy's been by my side since the start out this. I'm not gonna let you kill him." I then saw that Vito was pointing his gun at Zak.

"Were all just calm the fuck down. We'll strap him into the bed, and figure out the rest tomorrow. Got it?" Vito decided.

Zak left the room furious. Vito gave me a distressed look and left the room also.

I'll write again when it's all sorted out.
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