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The Doctor Shao Diaries 28

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The Doctor Shao Diaries 28

Post  Zomando on 21st October 2009, 7:55 pm


When I woke up, the sun was up and shining. There was also a man hovering over me, and my vision became clearer, I saw he was an older man in an old military coat. His coat had small black letters:


He was a man with a black beard, large broken nose, and dark eyes. Above his serious brow, he wore a bandanna. He gave me a hand to help me up, and with some difficulty, I did just so.

"'Not really a good place to take a nap, son." He said to me. His voice seemed somewhat hoarse. He looked behind him quickly. "Shit, get down." he brought me down to a crouching position. "Those Special Ops pricks are still searching the area. We gotta stay down. Follow me, and stay behind the rocks." We traveled silently beside the coastline for what felt like, I don't know, 3 miles? When we got back to the city, we took cover behind a dumpster. "Here take this." he said while handing me a pump-shotgun.

"Yo-you don't need it?" I asked..

He just looked at me bluntly.

"Don't Worry, I'll have no problem taking them on with my bare goddamn hands."

We sneaked silently through the city, and every few blocks he would tell me we're getting closer. Somewhere on the way, I clumsily knocked over a trashcan. The sound of metal echoed through the streets. The man gave me a furious look as the horde swarmed towards us. We continued faster as the man chopped and punched the undead out of his way while I covered his back. After a block of fighting, the city laid quietly. The horde was gone. I was in utter shock. This man had just survived a horde with no weapon. He didn't seem like one to brag so we continued. When we were about a block away from our destination when a human wearing dirty ripped clothes came walking towards us.

"Please guys. PLEASE! You gotta help me." this poor man went on and on like this. While the survivor was talking, the ex-war hero, took my gun. Before letting him finish, the blew the speaking man away. He fell to the curb in a bloody mess.

"Wha-what the fuck?" I exclaimed.

"He was infected. I could tell in his eyes. Let's go. We're here." he said coldly.

As we reached the door of his safehouse, he gave the door a unique knock. Probably a code. A bearded man entered the door.

"Marcus. Who's this?" the man asked quietly.

"I found him passed him out near the airport. He has weapons. Quick, let's get inside." He said hoarsely.

We all sat down and got inside. The man at the door gave me a cup of coffee. The soldier took out a cigarette and lit it quickly. "So kid, what's your story? You seem pretty interesting carrying around some Japanese swords..Like some samurai.." He let out a breath of heavy fog. "How've you been surviving?"

"I've been wandering, really. I've met a lot of good people..and a lot..a lot of not so good people. Lately, I've been surviving underground in a parking facility."

We both looked at the man from the door. "What about you Lance? Tell our new friend "JB"."

"Well, my name's Lance Redwell. Before the outbreak, I was working as a EMS ambulance worker. It was fine, I couldn't complain. By the time of the outbreak, we kept shit under control for only a while. After a week or two, it was every man for himself. I would travel around the city in some groups. I held out in Westdyke Memorial, I have to get back there sometime." What a coincidence, I thought to myself. "I went hunting a lot in college, so I know how to use a gun. I've used it to kill a lot of people. Those people-You know what? Forget it. A few months ago, I was a few miles from here. Beachgate. I was with some buisness men, a priest, and a double-crossing fucking Russian. I hated that fucking commie.. One of our men owned a large boat, some oil tycoon kind of guy, our plan was to get to it and sail out of here. I got left behind. It was all because of that fucking Russian asshole." He was squeezing his coffee mug so hard, that it could break. He took a sip and tried to calm down. "I met Marcus a few weeks back, and we've been getting around just fine. Go ahead Marcus, how about you tell JB why they called you "Magic Man"." Marcus let out a hefty sigh, along with a fog of smoke.

"Well, MY name is Sgt. Marcus Harrison. During Vietnam, I was looked up to by most of the men I served with. The reason people call me "Magic Man" is because I would "appear" behind enemy lines and capture forts. Or maybe because I would lead my squad armed only with a knife. ACTUALLY, this knife." he took it out of his back pocket. There was still hints of blood on the blade. "So finding a job was pretty hard after the war. I feel now that I've done practically nothing with my life for a very long time. But when this shit started, I found something to do. It was a war. Be or be killed. W-A-R. WAR, and I've been winning this war." He finished with a final smoke and then flick the cigarette away. I took a sip of coffee.

"I've been trying to get back into Algonquin." I said calmly. Both of there faces lit up.

"So have we. Quick, come with us downstairs." Marcus said. We walked down the steps to be greeted by suitcases, supplies, and a large map of the city. "Well look right here. HERE, the Special Ops have blocked off the bridge. Our plan is to break down the barricade and get into the city. We'll need more men, but it's possible."

"How do you expect to do this?" I asked. A smile spread across Marcus's face. "Take a look for yourself." He slowly opened the door to the garage. Holy fucking shit. It was a fucking tank. My jaw was on the floor.

"How'd you get a fucking tank?!" I asked.

"First of all, It's called an APC. Second of all, we stole it." Lance said cheerfully. I took a look around the room. On one wall there was a collection of handguns, shotguns, machine guns, explosives, etc. On the other wall, there was a festival of weapons. Chainsaws, garden equipment, knives, bats, you name it. "So." Marcus said to me "Are you with us."

"Abso-fucking-lutely." I responded.

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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries 28

Post  Cry Vengeance on 24th October 2009, 1:30 pm


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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries 28

Post  DeadApe on 25th October 2009, 4:32 pm

Wow JB. Thats so awsome how you tied all the survivor story campaigns together like that. I had to laugh at "that russian asshole." Great job JB, your awsome at telling stories. Im going go back and read all of these.

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Re: The Doctor Shao Diaries 28

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